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Alizee is a French singer-songwriter with six albums under her belt since 2000. She first gained notice through veteran songwriters Mylene Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat who produced her debut record Gourmandises – her single Moi… Lolita becoming an instant classic.

Following her departure from Mylene Farmer, she went on to release four more albums. Fans eagerly anticipate hearing what new songs she may bring them.

Early Life and Education

Alizee Jacotey, commonly known by her stage name Alizee Jacottey, is a French singer-dancer-actress. Trained in all three arts fields, she has won multiple awards for her performances since being born on August 21, 1984 in Ajaccio Corsica and beginning dancing at age four – studying at Ajaccio’s famed theatre and dance school, the Ecole de Danse Monique Mufraggi.

Moi… Lolita was released for public release in 1999 and quickly captured public imagination. Alizee’s interpretation of Nabokov’s Lolita combined with an infectiously catchy melody won over French audiences to launch her career as a star singer.

With her fourth album, Une enfant du Siecle, Alizee set out to establish a distinct new image and experiment with electro sounds – creating an album which represented an abrupt departure from previous melodies.

Professional Career

After the success of her debut single Moi… Lolita, Alizee underwent dramatic changes to both her image and music. Gone was the sweet girl with adorable features; replaced by an assertive woman sporting strong makeup, tattoos, and an edgy aesthetic.

After Gourmandises, Alizee released her second album Mes courants electriques and embarked on her national tour for Fall 2003; this led to both an album and DVD entitled Alizee En Concert being produced.

While pursuing her professional career, she also met and fell in love with Jeremy, a musician and fashion designer. Although they both led busy lives, they managed to find time for each other and had a daughter together. Following a short hiatus from performing publicly, she returned with her fourth album Psychedelices; which marked the first one produced without Mylene Farmer’s oversight.

Achievement and Honors

Alizee has established herself as one of France’s premier musical artists both domestically and abroad, becoming renowned across Europe and East Asia with her songs. Additionally, she has appeared in music videos and television shows.

She is also considered a fashionista, having been featured in various magazines and attending major fashion weeks. Additionally, she sports numerous tattoos featuring Disney-esque characters on her body including one large Tinkerbell on her back.

At the 1999 talent show Graines de Star, she attempted to enter a dance contest; however, upon learning it was only open to groups, she entered instead the singing competition where she won both Meilleure Graine award as well as other awards and accolades that propelled her career forward. She has continued receiving numerous other honors since.

Personal Life

Alizee is a world-renowned mezzo-soprano singer renowned for her distinctive blend of pop, electronica, and psychedelic musical styles. In her early albums she presented as a seductive Lolita; but over time her image changed into one more conducive to family harmony.

Alizee met her future husband Jeremy Chatelain in 2003 and secretly wed him in Las Vegas amidst great fan surprise. This decision seemed at odds with Alizee’s previous sexy image and left many of her fans confused by this decision.

Alizee has established herself as an accomplished tattoo model and has been featured in various magazines including Inked magazine in January/February 2013. Furthermore, Alizee has long been involved with combatting hunger in Africa through various projects; among these was participating in the Collectif Paris-Africa concert series to raise funds to battle poverty and famine across Africa.

Net Worth

Alizee is an award-winning mezzo-soprano who blends pop, electronic and psychedelic musical styles into her repertoire. Additionally, she excels in flamenco, tap and Italian style ballet. Alizee has become widely renowned for her Lolita-esque image and numerous tattoos which she developed through early albums and music videos.

She began dancing early and quickly became adept by age four, training at Ajaccio’s Monique Mufraggi Ecole de Danse Monique Mufraggi theater and dance school.

Alizee Lyonnet and Gregoire Lyonnet tied the knot in 2013, and together have one daughter named Maggy Lyonnet. Alizee enjoys keeping pets, including two Samoyeds named Jon Snow Lyonnet and Galak (both Chihuahuas). Her life path number is 6; this represents her desire to serve humanity for greater causes.

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