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Bathroom in the attic – lots of peace and quiet with a pinch of luxury

We now want to continue our series of articles about comfortable and enchantingly beautiful attic apartments. After the article bedroom from the attic, there is now this one about the chic bathroom on the attic floor. Are you interested? Then lean back for a moment and admire our sample pictures. You could come up with new creative ideas on how to use the attic at home and make the most of it!

For many people, cozy bathrooms in the attic symbolize the pure romance of bathing. Does that also apply to you? Imagine a fancy bathtub right next to the skylight or completely immersed in the sunlight and you will immediately understand what the charm of a bathroom in the attic consists of. If you want to convert your attic into a modern and comfortable apartment, you have to plan a cozy bathroom there too. In principle, this is not an easy task, but the end result is always so magical that all the effort and added cost is definitely worth it. You can of course use your imagination in this transformation. You can be very creative on the top floor and under no circumstances let yourself be despaired during renovation work.

bad auf dem dachboden dachfenster

Set up your very own relaxation zone on the top floor!

Attic bathrooms tend to be smaller, but that doesn’t make them any less functional or beautiful. You just have to use the given space in a creative way and build your long-deserved bathroom there, which meets both your visual dreams and practical needs. The modern bathrooms in our picture gallery are a great example of how clever ideas and valiant remodeling can bring lots of life to a bathroom!

Wohnung Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden

Treat yourself to the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of for a long time!

Badezimmer im Dachboden

Anyone who deserves so much luxury is lucky!

In the picture above you can see a large bathroom that inscribes itself perfectly into the overall design of this modern attic apartment. It has a wonderful indoor whirlpool, which guarantees you a spa experience, and two wash basins. Everything here is done in white, even the hand and bath towels are in this classic color. The white ambience was wonderfully refreshed with a lot of wood and its monotony was broken. Wooden beams, wooden floors and a wooden vanity speak for personal taste and sublime style.

Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden Vintage Stil

The rough stone wall can be transformed into an exciting accent

A small bathroom in the attic can be designed in vintage style and turn into your very own private sanctuary. You don’t even have to notice the limited space. We are impressed by how everything looks so perfect in this bathroom from the small washbasin to the rough stone wall to the tiny lamp – everything fits together perfectly!

bad auf dem dachboden

If you have enough space, you can have a bathtub and shower in your bathroom in the attic

To expand your luxury experiences, you can have both a bathtub and a shower in the bathroom in the attic if the room size allows. Here’s a great example of how you can make the most of a smaller space!

kleines Badezimmer auf dem Dachgeschoss

A small bathroom in the attic perfectly fulfills its functions

This small bathroom seems almost hidden behind the sliding door, but as soon as you try to take advantage of the lack of space, you will actually find different solutions and create an eye-catcher from the flaw.

Badezimmer im Dachboden einbauen

Skillfully combine daylight and artificial lighting in the bathroom in the attic

No skylight is needed when you have a great window that lets all the light into the bathroom! But for your bathroom experience in the evening you need the right lighting. So add some built-in lights or candles and enjoy every hour of the morning or evening in your bathroom!

Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden Eklektik Elemente

Eclectic in the bathroom in the attic? Yes, that would be entirely possible!

This attic bathroom combines different elements of different styles. Let’s start with the water pipe for the toilet and continue through the most likely self-made washstand made of stained barn wood to the wicker baskets. The white bricks set the visual basis here and make the bathroom look bright. The colorful mosaic on the floor is the icing on the cake in this bathroom and it immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

Vintage Stil Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden

A gorgeous vintage-style attic bathroom can look so tempting

In this all white bathroom under the sloping roof, you need some black accents to achieve visual balance. The black window frames are a great addition to the overall picture and break up the monochrome look of this white attic bathroom. They also correspond really well with the other vintage elements there.

kleines Bad auf dem Dachgeschoss Glaswand

Small bathroom in the attic with a glass wall and wonderful mosaic flooring

kleine Spa Zone auf dem Dachboden

Make the small spa zone in the attic even more tempting through the use of wood and wicker furniture

herrliches Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden

Gorgeous attic bathroom combining white bathroom furniture with dark tiles

Interieur Design Badezimmer Ideen

Every small niche on the top floor can be used properly

Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden

Treat yourself to some luxury and grandeur in your attic bathroom!

Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden weiß

This is what my favorite bathroom in the attic looks like! Yours too, right?

bad auf dem dachboden modern

The play between light and dark always gives perfect results

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