Benjamin Fawley

Benjamin Fawley, 38, Pleads Not Guilty in the Death of 17-Year-Old Taylor Behl

Taylor Behl, an intelligent 17-year-old Virginia Commonwealth University freshman who went out skateboarding alone after leaving her dorm room, vanishes after leaving for more than an hour, never returning and eventually being discovered in rural Mathews County some weeks later.

One suspect implicated in her death was a student athlete with a fascination for Goth culture and skulls; his online journals and websites allowed police to locate him easily.

Early Life and Education

After Taylor Behl went missing from her dormitory room in September 2005, police initially focused their investigations on Benjamin Fawley – an amateur photographer living nearby who described himself online as a goth/skater and admirer of Johnny Depp.

Police were dubious of his alibi, so they conducted a full background check of his online profile to verify his claim of seeing her leave at 9:30 pm on Sept 5.

They found photographs of a lean-to on his family’s property that looked similar to where Behl was found, which they showed Erin Crabill, one of Taylor’s last known contacts, who recognized it. She recognized its location near a narrow road tucked behind sheds and farmhouses in rural Mathews County – it was thus one of only pieces of evidence linking Fawley directly with Taylor’s death.

Professional Career

Chris has an avid passion for the arts, music, and food; these interests inspire him to foster talent development and leadership within sustainable business performance. Additionally, his duties involve leading strategic initiatives and projects designed to enhance overall operational efficiency within his organisation.

Crabill described herself as an independent thinker who enjoyed Chunky Monkey ice cream straight out of its container and coffee-flavored soy milk. She enjoyed collecting tattoos and having multiple piercings around her nose and navel; in particular she loved getting nose piercings and navel piercings done as well as getting tattoos at various points on her body including one at her small backside.

Investigators conducted an exhaustive investigation of the 17-year-old from Vienna who abruptly left her college dorm room in September 2005 and was later found dead 75 miles away in a Mathews County ravine. She had affairs with two males – Fawley among them, whom were later arrested on pornographic charges.

Achievement and Honors

Fawley sobbed through his hearing but offered no apologies during his plea agreement hearing on Tuesday and will have 22 counts of unrelated child pornography charges dropped as part of it. Fawley was romantically involved with Taylor Behl from Vienna who attended VCU when she mysteriously disappeared in September – investigators eventually located her partially decomposed body on a rural road 75 miles east of Richmond with signs suggesting strangulation as the cause.

Personal Life

Fawley, who was living with his roommate and receiving disability benefits for bipolar disorder, met Taylor through her blog and claimed she spent the night before her disappearance at his apartment where they consumed drugs and alcohol before driving off together to rural Mathews County.

Prosecutors believe Fawley lured her to his home, where they engaged in sexual acts and used drugs before Fawley attempted erotic asphyxiation – a dangerous technique where an assailant attempts to limit breathing – but when she would not agree he claimed she stopped breathing before panicking and burying her in a shallow grave.

Police discovered multiple movies featuring child sex that featured child abuse and had illegal intimate relations with one of the teens who went missing. He admitted having such relationships.

Net Worth

Through interviews, analyses of police and court records and Internet search history, the Daily Press has pieced together three lives that led up to an unspeakable crime scene discovery in Mathews ravine. Fawley was near 40 and displayed deep-seated immaturity while becoming obsessed with sexual matters online; Behl was 17 from Vienna who would leave VCU dorm room shortly after spending time with Fawley without warning, never returning; while Crabill had left small-town Illinois for modeling as a way to afford college tuition;

Fawley quickly took to taking photographs of Mathews on his trips back and posting them to his Web page, becoming completely entranced with her. Soon enough he was dating her. Soon enough he was taking and posting pictures of Mathews with Fawley taking notice. Soon enough he was taking and posting images of Mathews that Fawley found irresistible – his heart completely won over by this captivating woman.

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