Beware of cinnamon during pregnancy: cinnamon stars and winter teas


Advent time, cozy hours by candlelight and cookies. Non-alcoholic mulled wine or a children’s punch. This time is so special, especially during pregnancy. Why?

Do old childhood memories come up? Are we very emotional because of the hormones in pregnancy? Often your thoughts are full of wishes and dreams because this Christmas is celebrated as a couple and next year as a small family? Or are you looking forward to having siblings who will soon be able to help the grown-ups decorate the Christmas tree and unpack the presents?

Be careful with typical winter and Christmas spices

Pregnant woman with cinnamon cookies and Christmas tea
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It smells so delicious and the temptation is great. The scent of cinammon, ginger, clove, cardamom, but beware! All of these spices stimulate labor and promote labor.

We even enjoy working with these spices in midwifery hours if we want to go beyond the calculated due date and gently initiate the birth.

So when you and your baby are fully ready for the birth, all of these treats are not a problem and pose no danger. However, you should avoid these spices to avoid premature labor if you and the baby still need time.

The different types of labor also include training labor (also called practice labor) so that the uterus can grow well and is well supplied with blood. Sometimes contractions happen when the children are very active.

Should you feel a few contractions, a pulling or a hard stomach during the Christmas season, then it may well be that your body is reacting to the Christmas spices, if you have consumed some. So please be very careful and refrain from eating cinnamon stars, Christmas teas and the like. It may save you a few worries or a great deal of uncertainty. What do you think of home-baked cookies – then you know exactly what’s in them.

However, if the contractions are painful or rhythmic, you should contact your midwife or your gynecologist.


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