Is there the perfect time to have a baby?


After a certain age, many women ask themselves the question: is there the right time for a baby? The answers to this question are just as different as life and career planning. This article reveals which signs speak for the perfect time and which factors you should consider.

Age does not matter

Many women make baby planning dependent on a certain age. But especially in this day and age, child and family planning is shifting further and further back. While some couples have a child at an early age, there are now more and more who decide to have their own family at a much later point in time.

Career as an obstacle?

The reason for the belated planning of children is sometimes that many women first start an apprenticeship after leaving school. But a degree is also being considered more and more often, which means that they usually start their professional life later. Many do not want to be exclusively housewives and mothers, but also want to pursue a career just like their partner. You can find out how this can be achieved despite having a child in this guide.

Friends and family as role models

“I’m pregnant” – a sentence that you keep hearing from friends of the same age, sister or work colleague. Especially when the number of pregnancies in one’s own circle of relatives and acquaintances increases, the personal desire for the first child of one’s own may increase. If you can literally feel the anticipation at a baby shower with gifts and sweet decorations, it can influence your own baby planning. It is of course particularly nice to be pregnant with a friend at the same time, as you can exchange ideas after the pregnancy.

Babyshower baby shower
Who would want to do without a great baby shower voluntarily? (Image: © Kzenon / Adobe Stock)

Stability as an important factor

Having a child is a life-long decision. It influences your own life as well as that of your partner and probably has an impact on your career, travel destinations or the planned house construction. You therefore not only take responsibility for yourself, but for another person. Therefore, one should consider certain factors and take them into account in the planning. This includes:

  • Intact relationship: Both partners should agree on child planning. In addition, the partnership should be stable and not be characterized by arguments or repeated separations.
  • Financial security: Equally important when thinking about a baby is financial security. Both partners should have a job or at least be set up in such a way that they can easily feed the child. In addition, you should find out about child benefit, parental benefit and maternity benefit and deal with the application for these benefits in advance.

Make a joint decision

In order to find the right time for a baby, it is important to imagine the future together as a threesome. Who will take care of what? How should the education look like? Are there any other children planned? What is the financial situation like? These are all factors that a couple should discuss and think through. Only when both partners are sure should you start planning your children.


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