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“Book and bed Tokyo” – a bookstore where you can fall asleep undisturbed

The world of books is endless – especially when you have your favorite books in hand. Imagine – the staff has finished work, you can stay in the bookstore and have the good opportunity to read a book comfortably and undisturbed all night long, as long as your head is heavy and you just fall asleep there.

Modern Design Hostel Tokio Buch inovativ Bibliotek navy-blue pillow hanging lamp

The sleeping compartments are behind the book shelves

No longer just a fantasy – if at any point you are lucky enough to visit or live in Tokyo, you could afford a night like this. The hostel “Book and bed Tokyo” is one of the bestsellers and offers this innovative and creative service. All book fans are welcome to immerse themselves in the world of books until they fall asleep while reading. This special dormitory is located on the seventh floor of a high-rise building, in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro, just one minute from Ikebukuro train station. At first glance, the hostel looks like a trendy bookstore. A separate area in the room is equipped with modern bookshelves and on the other side there are comfortable upholstered sofas and pillows in sea blue. All the sleeping areas are cleverly hidden behind the shelves. These are compact bunk beds, more like the typical Japanese capsule-like sleeping cabins. Each cabin has a ladder, mattress, pillow, reading light and socket. The total capacity of the hostel is 30 beds and the sleeping cabins are divided into two categories – standard and compact. The size of the standard cabins is 205 x 129 cm, and the compact cabins – 205 x 85 cm. There is no restaurant in the hostel, but there is a cafeteria and a grocery store a 2-minute walk from this property.

Modern design hostel Tokyo book inovativ library navy-blue hanging lamp books lightbulb

Hanging lightbulbs, grilles and concrete on the ceiling are small accents of modern industrial design

The hostel offers a rich collection of around 1,700 books. Readings are in English and Japanese, and were selected by Shibuya Publishing & Sellers. This creative property is run by two English-speaking Japanese. The very real wish of the owners is to increase the number of books to 3,000. You know, no book is actually sold.

Modern Design Hostel Tokyo Bibliotek Bookshelf Sleeping Cabin Bunk Bed

Each sleeping cabin in the “Book and bed Tokyo” has its own reading light

Modern Design Hostel Tokyo book inovativ Bibliotek navy-blue bookshelf

The ambience is pleasant and encourages hours of reading

Modern Design Hostel Tokio Buch inovativ Bibliotek navy-blue bookcase upholstered sofa

You can read in the sleeping cabin or sleep on the upholstered bench next to the window

Modern Design Hostel Tokyo Book inovativ Bibliotek navy-blue bookshelf upholstered sofa upholstered cushions

The books hanging from the ceiling enchant the atmosphere

Modern Design Hostel Tokyo Bibliotek bookcase sleeping cabin

Possibility to be alone with your favorite reading

Modern Design Hostel Tokio Bibliotek Bookshelf Sleeping Cabin Reading Light

The wood in the interior looks very cozy

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