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Sixteen-Year-Old Beauty Queen Found Dead in a Field

Braylee Henry was discovered dead near her hometown of Velma, Oklahoma by a sheriff’s department canine unit and has left shockwaves through her community.

Attributing evidence most favorable to the prosecution, the trial court did not abuse its discretion when admitting State Exhibit Numbers 501-518 from State’s Exhibit Numbers 513-518 as State Exhibits. These photographs depicted Henry’s head and facial injuries.

Early Life and Education

Braylee is a feminine name that combines Bray and Lee and was first recorded in 1993, being given to at least 12 newborn babies since. This name evokes feelings of youth and excitement and shares similarities with Brayden/Braylen as well as Bailey.

On June 2, 2012, 16-year-old Braylee Henry was brutally murdered in Velma, West Virginia by appellant while filling her cup at Teepee Totem store soda fountain. Appellant then used a choke hold on Braylee before dragging her off into stockroom for further assault and strangulation.

The medical examiner testified that Henry sustained serious blunt force injuries to her head, face, chest, and neck as well as having her lungs filled with blood which caused her to asphyxiate and eventually die.

Professional Career

Braylee Henry accomplished many accomplishments during her short life. She participated in Velma-Alma High School basketball team, cross country/track team, FFA, 4-H Teen Leader position, Beta Club membership and Student Council as well as volunteering at Jesus House in Oklahoma City – she particularly loved watching OU Sooners and OKC Thunder basketball matches!

Miles Bench, accused of murdering 16-year-old beauty queen Braylee Henry and disposing of her body in Velma, Oklahoma, began with emotional testimony from family and friends of Braylee Henry. A jury was selected on Tuesday morning, opening statements lasted approximately an hour before evidence began coming in which was difficult for everyone in courtroom, especially Renee Henry who is Braylee’s mother.

Achievement and Honors

Braylee Henry accomplished much in her short life. She served on Velma-Alma High School basketball team, cross country team, FFA organization leader and student council as well as qualifying as a state qualifier in 2-mile run competition.

Renee Henson promised that her daughter would volunteer at Oklahoma City’s Jesus House, a place which touched Renee Henson deeply and which 4-H plans on visiting in December. “This place touched her heart,” said Renee Henson.

Cole Paulek from Christian County won this year’s Animal Sciences Award, with Braylee Gilmore from Macoupin County; Reagan Parks from McLean County; and Amanda Niemann from Montgomery County taking home each prize. Additionally, Community Engagement and Global Living Awards honor youth whose 4-H work serves others through service activities.

Personal Life

Braylee Henry, 16, was the beloved daughter of Gina and Jacky Bob Henry and an active participant in her community volunteering at places such as Jesus House in Oklahoma City. Additionally, Braylee loved attending Oklahoma Sooners games as well as Oklahoma Thunder games with her friends.

She enjoyed showing sheep, becoming Reserve Grand Champion Ewe in 2010. Other activities she pursued were basketball, track & cross country running and FFA membership – not forgetting being an active member of Countryside Freewill Baptist Church as well as 4-H Teen Leader!

Miles Bench, 21, who worked at Tee Pee Totem convenience store in Velma was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing her and disposing of her body on his grandparents’ property.

Net worth

Sixteen-year-old Braylee Henry was an extremely gifted, kind, and loving individual who made an excellent role model for her younger siblings and was a positive force in the lives of many friends. Her family included mother Gina Renee and husband Jacky Bob; older brother Justin Henry with wife Tiffany; niece Macey Henry and nephew Morgan Henry; step-sister Brooklyn Nunley; uncle Rick LeGrand, aunts Brenda and Pamela Hixon from Hixon Realty Group in Pennsylvania, grandmother Patsy Maxwell in Pennsylvania as well as cousin Jayden Richardson/Carly Cummings plus many close relatives whose lives she touched so many lives adored her so dearly.

Each year, she eagerly anticipated visiting Jesus House emergency homeless shelter with her 4-H teen leaders group and was particularly looking forward to their upcoming trip in December 2012. When the trial began, Renee, Braylee’s mother took the stand first and became emotional during her testimony.

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