Can a cover letter go over 2 pages?

Can a cover letter go over 2 pages?

As a rule, the cover letter should not exceed a maximum of two A4 pages. Even only one side is better. Even if the cover letter is controversial today (because HR professionals usually read the résumé first and find it more important), it is not irrelevant.

Can a cover letter also have 2 pages?

For practical reasons, application letters with two pages are unsuitable. A recruiter usually has very little time to devote to a single application.

How many lines apart?

That being said, in most cases you will get there with a line spacing of 1 to 1.5.

How much text application?

In too many exams we had the goal of reaching a certain number of words or pages. This minimum thinking is completely out of place here: Recruiters have enough to do and certainly do not feel like working overtime for dissolute cover letters. 250 to 300 words are more than enough.

What format should an application have?

So that you can be on the safe side, send your application exclusively as a PDF (Portable Document Format; in German: (transport) portable document format).

How can I reduce the file size?

Compression with a packer only helps in a few cases. To reduce the size of a file, you can compress it with a compression program. Windows itself can use the context menu to compress files and thus reduce the size of documents or photos. Windows can compress files via the context menu.

What should an application by email look like?

Application by e-mail An application in the web form or by e-mail must be prepared just as carefully as the classic paper application folder. All attachments must be bundled in one PDF, otherwise the HR manager will have to open umpteen documents and be annoyed. Make sure that your PDF attachment does not exceed 4 or 5 MB.

What is better application by email or post?

Application by email. Applying by email is the cost-effective alternative to applying by post. There are no paper, printing or postage costs and you don’t need a folder either. In the e-mail you write a short cover letter, the other attachments you attach – preferably in PDF format.

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