Can you study in America with a German Abitur?

Can you study in America with a German Abitur?

Murphy: The German Abitur is very well recognized in the USA. Some American universities refrain from the SAT/ACT tests, i.e. university entrance exams, and even give credits, i.e. performance points, for the Abitur obtained after 13 years.

Can you study in the USA with a high school diploma?

Most of them allow you to study without a high school diploma if you pass the entrance test, the GED. At some colleges in California, however, it is also possible to be accepted with just a high school diploma (without any training). You will not be allowed to study in Germany if you only have a high school diploma.

Can you study abroad with a high school diploma?

In contrast to Germany, you can start studying abroad in a more uncomplicated way even without a (technical) high school diploma. In the USA, you can enroll at an American community college for a course of study if you have completed your secondary school leaving certificate and completed vocational training.

Can you study the occult?

You can study any major as a standalone online continuing education course. For more info, this course analyzes religion as a universal aspect of human culture, expressed in the form of beliefs and rituals dealing with supernatural beings, powers and forces.

How old are students in the US?

Starting school at the age of 6 is quite common in America. Are you about 18 years old for regular college entry.

How old are you when you go to university?

Normally, you start studying when you are at least 18 years old. However, most students do not start until they are almost 24 years old. Only a tiny 0.2 percent of all students are under 18, i.e. minors.

How long do you go to college in America?

How long is college in the US? College in the US usually lasts about 4 years and ends with a bachelor’s degree.

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