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The Life of Captain Daniel Moreland

Captain Moreland has navigated Picton Castle on her long distance voyages for over 15 years. As one of the leading experts on square rig sailing ships worldwide, he is unsurpassed when it comes to leading square rig sailing ships through harsh sea environments.

J. P. Moreland is a distinguished professor of philosophy at Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology Talbot School. He has written multiple books, such as his best-seller The Existence of God: An Argument from Consciousness.

Early Life and Education

Moreland was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. A man of many talents, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, riding ATV’s and mudding as hobbies. A devoted family man who enjoyed spending time with his children and wife. Additionally, Moreland was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who enjoyed an occasional round of golf.

He was an accomplished guitarist with a knack for improvising. Additionally, he was also a talented singer with an extensive musical background; being part of several bands before eventually becoming a career firefighter/paramedic.

Moreland recently earned himself the position of human resources “leadership apprentice” at DAS – a full-fledged classified employee that handles personnel administration matters – by successfully deflecting difficult inquiries by legislators during hearings about campaign irregularities committed by appointees of Gov. M. Jodi Rell during hearings last month.

Professional Career

Captain Daniel Moreland stands as one of the few masters of traditional sailing ships today. His expertise extends across full-rigged schooners and barques from schooners to barques, with five circumnavigations voyages completed using Picton Castle training ship as his flagship vessel.

Moreland was seen during recent legislative hearings defending his role as Rell’s executive assistant during a fundraising scandal related to her election, carrying out Moody’s directive to summon top Rell commissioners and deputies to her Capitol office so she could distribute invitations to an upcoming campaign fundraiser.

He has published books and articles on philosophy and religion, such as Consciousness and the Existence of God (Oxford), Philosophia Christi and MetaPhilosophy. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous academic and philosophical conferences as well as lectured across the country regarding his views of religion and philosophy. Furthermore, he has taught at several colleges and universities.

Achievement and Honors

Tall Ships America honored Captain Moreland on January 30, 2016 in Quebec City by awarding them with their Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes individuals who have dedicated themselves to getting people sailing under sail and helping preserve traditions associated with sail training.

He began his seafaring career sailing island schooners and brigantines in the West Indies before signing on Denmark’s full-rigged training ship Danmark and serving as a trainer for officer cadets of its merchant marine.

Moreland is one of the leading Broadway producers with a passion for telling universal stories while blending marginalized issues into entertaining plays such as Sea Wall/A Life and The Sound Inside. He has also worked on numerous television productions.

Personal Life

Moreland will be greatly missed by his wife, Bobbi Jo, children Christopher Ryan Moreland and Elijah Marc Moreland; parents Gary and Melinda Moreland; siblings Brenda Rose Holley (Michael), Alecia Davenport (Chris), Austin Moreland; as well as numerous extended family members and friends who knew and loved him. His memory will never fade for those he knew and loved him.

At Moreland’s funeral service at DeJohn Funeral Home and Celebrations Center in Ward, more than 100 people gathered. He was an empathetic husband, father, brother and friend to all. In addition to being a skilled mechanic for cars and motorcycles, Moreland also enjoyed hunting, fishing and ATV riding as hobbies – plus was an avid sports fan who treasured spending time with family – now reunited with both mother and sister in heaven.

Net Worth

Bryant Moreland reportedly has amassed an estimated net worth of $32 Million at the age of 28 according to various online resources. He earned this wealth as a professional YouTube Star in California.

Moreland serves on the boards of directors for Gottesman Residential Real Estate, My Florida Regional Mls and Hardin’s Wholesale. In addition, he serves on the FTSE Nareit US REIT Index Board and as an active member of the National Association of Home Builders.

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