Children as a status symbol

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In all honesty, I don’t even know the parents I’m writing about in the following. I only see them now and then from a distance in the playground or in the park. However, there are not many of those who use their children as figureheads in my neighborhood – and I am really happy about that.

Why? -Because I think it’s great how vain children are. Even the bigger ones (still). They have so much self-esteem that they don’t even need to upgrade themselves – either with the help of fashion or other material things.

I admire this childlike naturalness. Here children are clearly superior to us. So why are they dressed up by parents?

What is meant is less those mothers and fathers who simply want to dress their children in something pretty, perhaps even sew something nice for them themselves.

There are cute things quite cheap – whether in fashion discounters, at flea markets or eBay.

On the other hand, I find the quirk of only keeping an eye on the brand and, for example, putting the children on clothes that have this on, extremely questionable Label is always clearly visible. This is by no means only done by designer labels. But by that I also mean the lovers of outdoor and functional wear, because it is precisely these manufacturers that print / sew their brand names clearly visible on their fashion. Here you can often read clearly how expensive the jacket (above) was.

Why do parents do this? Why do they use theirs Children as a status symbol?

the 3rd answer was too long for my survey tool. It actually reads “Everyone can see that we are (financially) well.

Thank you very much for participating! LG Anne

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