What Can You Experience When It Rains? Bad Weather Tips For Families


regenstiefelAutumn family outings in and around the city of Essen

Cities and municipalities in the Ruhr area are lined up close together. So it’s no wonder that it is one of the most densely populated regions in Germany. Especially when it comes to excursions and activities, this can only be an advantage: after all, there is a lot going on here even in rainy weather!

Zollverein: a weekend is not enough!

The city of Essen, for example, has one of the most spectacular attractions for families, namely the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site. The former Mine is still completely preserved and is open to young and old for guided tours and tours. Especially in autumn and winter – when it gets dark early – the sight of this total work of art is impressive because it is illuminated in bright colors.

Guided tours through the mine are by far not all that the Zeche Zollverein has to offer. There are also museums, restaurants and souvenir shops on the huge site. Concerts are also held here.

Ice skating in a unique atmosphere

The colliery only comes up with a very special highlight in December: that is when one will be rink set up on the site: after dark, when the light installation by Jonathan Speirs and Mark Major bathes the Zollverein coking plant in colorful light, the skaters experience pure winter romance. In addition, a cozy winter village offers refreshment with hot drinks and snacks.

In order to explore the entire colliery, several weekends are sure to go into the country. It will definitely not be boring. But maybe your family needs a change of scenery. An excursion of a more contemplative kind then takes you to:

Folkwang Museum

Art is very important in the Folkwang Museum, which is also located in Essen. His collection includes not only paintings, but also sculptures, graphics and photographs. Even a little arts and crafts can be inspected.

There are special offers for families on weekends. “Children talk about art” is the name of an action in which children, guided by an art educator, explore the Folkwang collection.

In addition, various workshops are offered that combine a visit to the exhibition with artistic and practical work in the workshop.

The city beach satisfies the longing for summer


Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Of course, you can also go out when it rains. As they say?: There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only wrong clothing! But let’s be honest, even with the “right clothes” it is not really pleasant when it storms and snows or, alternatively, is pouring out of buckets …

So I am very grateful to the inventors of indoor beach volleyball, because they keep it Summer feeling even in the cold season. In Witten, this beach institution is appropriately called the “city beach”. And no, you don’t necessarily have to play beach volleyball. Just sitting in the sand and having a meal is fine too.

If your kids want a little more action, you can also play frisbee on the city beach.

As you can see, Essen offers the most diverse possibilities to experience something with the whole family, even in bad weather. Have fun with it:

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