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Cleaning and maintaining garden furniture – you should do that in spring!

From mid-April the sun always shines warmer and we all want to be outside longer in the fresh air. Now the garden is being transformed into the best retreat one could ever imagine. But is your burr fit for spring? Have you already taken your outdoor furniture out of the shed or garden shed and used it to arrange a comfortable seating area in the open air? Garden furniture has already become an inseparable part of our garden design and it is hard to imagine the outdoor area without it. They are tough enough to withstand sun and rain for months. In order to enjoy real comfort outside in the coming summer, you now have to clean and properly care for your garden furniture in spring. It is possible that these are really dirty and dusty after the long winter time. With the following tips, however, they will be sparkling clean again and invite you to spend cozy hours outside!

Now is the time to get the garden furniture out of your winter quarters.

Gartenmöbel reinigen Veranda zwei Sofas aus Holz marineblaue Sitzkissen bunte Wurfkissen darauf Holztisch

Now you have to clean the garden furniture and make it fit again!

Gartenmöbel reinigen junger Mann mach Outdoor Möbel sauber mit dem Schlauch abspritzen

  • What should you watch out for when cleaning and caring for garden furniture?

In order for the outdoor furniture to serve you for a long time, you need to pay more attention to it at least once a year. The best time to clean them thoroughly is either at the end of the summer season or now in the spring. Many gardeners are often unpleasantly surprised when they see a lot of dirt on the armrests of their armchairs and sofas after they have been taken outside. Table tops and chairs also look outdated because there is a lot of dust on them. Now it comes down to the right care so that your outdoor seating sets, tables, chairs and Co. shine in a new light and are ready for the new gardening season. How you clean the garden furniture primarily depends on the material from which it is made. Below we will show you useful tips on how to clean rattan furniture, but also how to clean wood and plastic.

Cleaning and properly caring for garden furniture must be on your to-do list in spring.

Gartenmöbel reinigen Outdoor Sofa aus Polyrattan abspritzen saubermachen

Extra tip: We also want to warn you in advance: You don’t have to grab the chemical club straight away and additionally damage the structure of the fabric covers when cleaning. There are tried and tested home remedies that can help you a lot.

Now it is time to take out the sofa and put it outside in the garden or on the terrace.

Gartenmöbel reinigen schöne bequeme Outdoor Sitzecke zwei Sessel aus Rattan runder Tisch viel Grün rundherum

  • Cleaning and maintaining garden furniture made of rattan / polyrattan

The so-called wicker furniture for the garden or veranda have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. First and foremost, they score with their elegant design and enormous seating comfort. Their natural look is paired with seating comfort and stability. In addition, they are weather-resistant and defy frost and sun very well. That’s why you can leave this outdoor furniture outside all winter long if you don’t have a shed or other storage place for it inside. Their biggest plus, however, is that they are extremely easy to care for. Woven outdoor furniture made of polyrattan is a chic piece of furniture made from an innovative plastic mesh. It looks confusingly similar to real rattan, but doesn’t need a lot of maintenance to look like new. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the rattan furniture. If there is dirt in the cracks, you can remove it with a brush.

You only have to clean the rattan garden furniture thoroughly when necessary, i.e. treat it with a suitable cleaning agent and then hose it off.

Gartenmöbel reinigen junge Frau macht Rattan Möbel sauber abspritzen spezielles Werkzeug

Extra tip: If the polyrattan garden furniture hibernates outside, you should protect it from bad weather such as heavy rain and a lot of snow. It is therefore recommended to clean them thoroughly at the end of the gardening season and to cover them with a waterproof cover or tarpaulin. Then they can also be left outside.

With the right care, old wooden furniture can look beautiful for years to come and serve you faithfully.

Gartenmöbel reinigen alte Holzmöbel Sitzbänke Tisch in dunkelgrauer Farbe erfrischen

  • Wooden garden furniture requires more maintenance

It is well known that wooden garden furniture is the most popular. They impress with their classic charisma and stability. The folding furniture for outdoors in particular has a particular advantage. They don’t take up much space in storage, are not heavy and can be easily moved. The old models are made of varnished soft woods such as spruce, beech and pine. But you have to care for them regularly, especially sanding and repainting, in order to keep their good look. The latest models are no less beautiful in design and look, but are made of weatherproof types of wood such as oak, teak and / or tropical woods. These stay beautiful longer without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Wipe with a damp cloth – that is enough in most cases!

Gartenmöbel reinigen Holzstuhl mit einem feuchten Tuch abwischen Staub entfernen

If your wooden garden furniture is not particularly dirty or does not show any patina, you can only freshen it up with a damp cloth or a brush. You will need a wood cleaner for different types of stains. Follow the directions on the packaging to thoroughly clean and properly care for your wooden furniture. Apply the detergent with a stiff brush and scrub off. Then you can rinse with water. In the case of cracks, rough surfaces and stubborn stains, the damaged wooden surface can be smoothed with a fine sandpaper. Then the garden furniture can be treated with glaze, wax or oil, depending on the type of wood. After this care they look like new and are ready for the new gardening season!

After thorough cleaning, you can apply new glaze.

Gartenmöbel reinigen Holztisch zuerst gründlich saubermachen dann Glasur auftragen Bürste Handschuhe

Extra tip: Do not leave your wooden garden furniture outdoors for the winter! Find dry winter quarters for them. In addition, it is not recommended to cover the wooden furniture with a tarpaulin, as mold can form underneath!

Does your wooden table for the garden require maintenance? Then let’s go!

Gartenmöbel reinigen Holztisch saubermachen frühlingsfit abspritzen

  • How can you clean plastic garden furniture?

Plastic garden furniture is cheap, light and waterproof. Tables and chairs made of high-quality plastic are particularly popular, but there are also benches and deck chairs made of the easy-care material. In order to sit or lie comfortably on it, however, you need soft pillows. This outdoor furniture also needs to be cleaned regularly. Wiping it with a damp cloth is good for plastic furniture, so that it shines with a new shine. Use mild soapy water for better results. You can use a plastic cleaner to remove stubborn dirt.

Extra tip: Plastic garden furniture can also be wintered outside, but you have to cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin.

It shouldn’t be a problem to thoroughly clean the plastic chairs for the garden and balcony!

Gartenmöbel reinigen Plastik Stühle für Garten saubermachen feuchtes Tuch Reinigungsmittel

Gartenmöbel reinigen junge Frau reinigt den Esstisch viele Stühle aus Rattan

Gartenmöbel reinigen alter Tisch Tuch Untersetzer aus Holz im Freien

Prepare your outdoor furniture for the new garden season!

Gartenmöbel reinigen Polyrattan Sitzgarnitur graue Sitzkissen Deko Kissen gestreift grau gelb Tisch gelber Orangensaft serviert

Spend many cozy hours outside with friends and family and enjoy the comfort of your garden furniture!

Gartenmöbel reinigen Sitzgruppe draußen Sessel Sofa graue Sitzkissen einladend wirken

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