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Do you still know them, the good old iron-on transfers? I don’t mean those that are sewn on to hide any holes in clothing, but those iron-on transfers that are used to spice up boring items of clothing.

Nice and simple: iron-on transfers, patches & stencils

I recently came across such iron-on transfers for a long time. They were an extra addition to one of those brightly colored children’s magazines – and they immediately took me back to my own childhood. At most the motifs have changed since then, the quality has remained the same (poor): After the first wash, the images fade and after the second they literally crumble.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from “beautifying” various trousers and T-shirts with the small iron-on transfers together with my little daughter. After all, it hardly takes any time, the effort is limited and you don’t have to be a DIY genius to produce results that are worth seeing. So the hurdles are extremely low, but the fun factor is all the greater!

Those who dig a little deeper into their pockets even get iron-ons and patches with them – girls’ hearts beat faster – sequins or rhinestones!

Painting vs. Printing: Which Works Better?

When it comes to the appearance of your own clothes, you can really let off steam: Stencils We have already tried to provide T-shirts with our own patterns and motifs. We have dozen extra for that Textile paints bought (they are now also available with glitter). However, we didn’t really like the end result: Unfortunately, the colors ran too heavily so that the contours were barely visible.

Okay, the real pros paint T-shirts not them to print the textiles. The screen printing process has proven itself here, but it is a bit too time-consuming to just try it out with the youngsters in the kitchen at home. However, you could take a corresponding course at the adult education center …

Textiles embellish with the screen printing process

If you want to be creative without having to pick up a brush (or iron) yourself, that’s it commercial textile printing highly recommended.

Nowadays there is hardly a printing company that does not have textile printing in its repertoire, and – admittedly – I always immediately think of T-shirts with sayings like “Beer formed this body”. But the genre has evolved. In the meantime, one can not only express oneself in very individual designs. The textiles offered also go beyond the standard white shirt.

Individual items of clothing are designed to be profitable, especially in large numbers. A larger number of shirts, sweaters or cotton bags makes sense if there is a common motto, for example graduation (motto shirts), a company party or a sports event, for which the individual teams should of course wear the same jerseys.

The printing is mostly done using an elaborate screen printing process, so that colorful graphics come into their own. Incidentally, this also counts to screen printing Flockingwhat makes the print stand out from the rest of the garment. Jerseys are often given numbers or names in this way.

Of course, other textiles can also be flocked. You don’t have to worry about durability, because – unlike the iron-on transfers mentioned above – flocking is very hard-wearing. Nevertheless, you should definitely follow the instructions on the laundry label so that you can enjoy your textile printing for a long time.

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