Advent calendars that make hearts beat faster

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Douglas Advent calendars turn the pre-Christmas season into a beauty festival

Advent calendars are part of almost every family during the run-up to Christmas, like gingerbread and fairy lights. After all, they can be used to track exactly how many days will pass before Christmas finally comes. So as not to be asked about the every day For how much longer…? To have to answer, an advent calendar is ideal as a timepiece.

Of course, we don’t just put the cherished tradition aside as soon as we reach adulthood. On the contrary, now we can even choose which Advent calendar to surprise us with every day until Christmas Eve. After all, even we grownups don’t know what is hidden behind the individual doors.

Beauty & Wellness: Advent calendar for women

I was also surprised by the ever-increasing selection of Advent calendars that I noticed at Douglas. Whether beauty, care, fragrance or accessories, a wide variety of cosmetic brands are presented here in the form of Advent calendars. -The incidentally très chic and thus skilfully complement the Christmas decorations.

This may primarily make women’s hearts beat faster, but men are not neglected either! Armani for example, supplied in his Luxurious Christmas Calendar exclusively men with all kinds of care and fragrance probes.

Make advent calendars yourself to motivate children to do handicrafts

Primarily, however, children are offered a variety of Christmas calendars. Sweets, trading cards and of course lots of toys are hidden behind the 24 little doors of each of these often expensive copies. Their content usually appeals to toddlers who are delighted with it. (I know that from my own experience.) However, my children have long outgrown toddlerhood. That’s why I’m going to use an advent calendar this year, which I’ll fill out myself. To motivate little daughters to do handicrafts, we even made it together. It consists of 24 paper bagsthat we folded and glued ourselves. You don’t need great skill or expensive handicraft utensils for this.

What’s in it ?: Ideas for the filling

It is more difficult, however Filling the Christmas calendar – after all, I don’t want to keep putting the same thing into it again and again. -And certainly not the sweets that you eat all year round anyway! A book title such as “The large library of ideas for advent calendars“That I discovered these days while window shopping in a library.

Fortunately, shortly afterwards I remembered something: I have 24 voices photos Have them printed out – some pretty motifs that I found in online image databases, some with my own family photos. On the back I have them with inspirational Quotes labeled. For example this one:

We like to be in the great outdoors because it has no opinion about us.

Friedrich Nietzsche

To research the quotes, I read all sorts of books across the whole weekend. (The dreary November is really perfect for this.) My small collection of quotes should not only be entertaining, but also stimulate thought. That’s why it also benefits my husband – so I killed two birds with one stone. Yes!

The pictures are of course complemented by Christmas sweets. After all, I don’t want to mess with my sweet tooth.

Now December can come!

LG Anne !!!

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