Compressor Jack

What is a Compressor Jack?

A compressor jack is a fast, lightweight pneumatic tool powered by compressed air. Using one is quick, straightforward and straightforward.

It can also be utilized in many different environments and its wide casters allow it to be moved easily around.

The Air Jack 90 Competition is fast, lightweight and reliable; activated using an 8 BAR/120 PSI workshop air compressor. Designed to prepare yourself for whatever may arise during a track day event and provide quick repairs so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible, fast repairs allow for fast recovery times from any mishaps.

Early Life and Education

Nathan and Abbie Weeks welcomed Jack Weeks into their lives on June 5, 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama. Jack was their second son. His mother dressed him in solid white clothing while his long brown haired locks made for an ideal Southern boy of that time.

His childhood was spent in Winfield, Alabama among his male cousins and maternal aunts and uncles. He enjoyed tinkering and building things; particularly taking apart motor scooters or repairing appliances for his mom – always searching for better ways to do things.

He graduated High School in 1951 and attended college at the University of Alabama where he majored in Physics. While studying, he also worked as a janitor in World War II Army barracks before marrying his high school sweetheart.

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