Convinced in the test: Caramba Magic Wonder

Caramba Magic Wonder Instant Shine ‘made in Germany’ enables vehicle washing without water. After the care product had already won the comparison test in the magazine ‘Motorrad’ in October 2012, a test was now pending in the classic car trade magazine ‘British Classics’, in which five products for quick care in between were compared, including the Caramba Magic Wonder instant gloss from the traditional German company Caramba. The British jury was impressed by the application, yield and cleaning power.

Caramba Magic Wonder Instant shine: for cleaning, care and protection of paintwork, chrome and plastic surfaces

Caramba Magic Wonder: cleaning and care without waterCaramba, named ‘Brand of the Century’ by ‘Deutsche Standards Editionen GmbH’, offers over 400 products with solutions for cars and two-wheelers, workshop and technology, home and garden. The traditional German company belongs to the Caramba Chemie Group with 1,100 employees in 13 European countries and is part of Berner SE. The company has been writing a success story since the invention of the multifunctional oil ‘Caramba’. Today it is considered a leading specialist in cleaning, care and maintenance.
The result of Caramba Magic Wonder Instant Shine is also impressive. Coarse impurities should be rinsed off before use, then Caramba Magic Wonder can be applied. When sprayed on, a fine foam develops that binds the dirt particles. After wiping and polishing provides a glossy finish. Several towels are required for this.

Areas of application, price and availability

Caramba Magic Wonder Instant Shine is suitable for cleaning, care and protection of paintwork, chrome and plastic surfaces in one step, and all without water. The silicone-containing dry cleaner encapsulates dust and dirt particles when wiping, so that they cannot damage paintwork and other surfaces. Painted surfaces are gently polished and sealed. Caramba Magic Wonder is also suitable for the care of smooth indoor and outdoor plastics.
CarambaCaramba Magic Wonder Instant Shine is available from selected specialist retailers, a retail price of 8.99 euros has been announced for 250 ml. chk

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