Dan Furman

Dan Furman, President of 502Circle

As Daniel Furman transitions from his previous position at Louisville’s Cardinal Athletic Fund to becoming president of 502Circle, he will maintain relationships with fans and donors with whom he had prior contact – just on behalf of an entirely different entity.

Early Life and Education

Dan Furman was born in Old Hickory, Tennessee – just outside Nashville – and began playing piano and writing music as soon as he could hold it. Following graduation from high school he studied composition and jazz piano at Oberlin Conservatory before making the transition to New York City to play jazz; four years were then spent participating in BMI Lehman Engels Musical Theater Workshop where his musical RIP! (now Impossible But True) was featured as part of Midtown International Theatre Festival 2011.

Daniel has been an associate professor of strategy at National War College and published extensively on topics like international relations theory, fiction’s impact on foreign policy decision-making processes, Edmund Burke, Carl von Clausewitz, George Patton technology diffusion and home-field advantage in Major League Baseball. Additionally he is director of GemmaCert Ltd and Los Furman SA.

Professional Career

Daniel specializes in employment, commercial, civil rights, insurance and tort claims litigation. He drafts pleadings; conducts all phases of discovery; participates in mediations, settlement conferences and depositions.

He is co-owner of Cricket Hill Garden in Thomaston, CT; it is a second-generation specialty nursery and forest farm specializing in rare peonies and unusual landscape plants. Additionally, he sits on the boards of GemmaCert Ltd (a provider of testing and diagnostic equipment focused on cannabis testing), as well as Los Furman SA in Argentina – both agricultural enterprises with which he works.

An experienced high school coach hailing from Manchester, he brings seven years’ worth of coaching experience to both men’s and women’s programs at Eastern. His coaching career started as an assistant boys’ varsity swim coach at E.O. Smith High School before starting his coaching tenure at Eastern.

Achievement and Honors

Furman University honored several alumni, corporate partners and friends at its annual Bell Tower Ball, awarding them for their professional achievements and generosity to both school and community.

White Oaks was donated to Furman University in 1992 as a student residence and venue for special events.

Derek Snook created In Every Story Labor Services as an employment agency connecting homeless individuals with permanent and financially stable jobs. Having spent one year living in a halfway house himself, Derek serves as an advocate for this community.

He specializes in public-private partnerships, real estate financing structures, and economic development initiatives surrounding university research parks and innovation districts. Additionally, he is both an author and lecturer.

Personal Life

Daniel serves as a Director at GemmaCert Ltd, which offers testing and diagnostic services to the cannabis industry. Additionally, he sits on the boards of Los Furman SA Farm in Argentina as well as Pricer AB Industrial Company of Sweden.

Furman University and one of its most accomplished players; from 1977-1979 he scored 1,122 points during his time with them! In addition, he served as head coach of both men’s and women’s basketball at Furman.

As part of his community involvement, Saidenberg serves on the 502Circle NIL Collective at University of Louisville. Additionally, he was one of the original founders of Paducah Bank Louisville Advisory Board. Married to Mary Elizabeth “Becky” Saidenberg with whom he shares two children.

Net Worth

After retiring from basketball, Furman continued his creative writing by penning the book, music, and lyrics of The Joe Hill Revival which premiered at Lee Strasberg Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2015. Additionally, this musical played at University of Michigan between 2021-2024.

Furman has also made an impactful mark in Business Services. As owner of Neurovigil, a provider of cognitive training software, he currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $154 Million.

He and his wife resided in Clayton, New Mexico where they were actively involved with community and church activities. He was predeceased by his wife; funeral arrangements were handled through Hass Funeral Directors of Clayton.

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