Daniel Gunter

Daniel Gunter – A Wake County Trial Lawyer

Dan Gunter was raised in a family with strong philanthropic values. His mother was an ardent supporter of Goodwill Industries International while his father served twice as board chairman.

Daniel Gunter has represented Schleswig-Holstein since 2009 state elections in the Bundesrat, drawing upon an array of political experience to sit on multiple parliamentary committees and serve as representative.

Early Life and Education

Gunter first gained employment by working as a law clerk for Robert R. Beezer, an honorable federal judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Subsequently he worked as an associate at a Seattle law firm before starting his own practice in 2021.

He has served on both the Dean’s Advisory Council and Alumni Association ambassador. When it comes to giving back, he emphasizes focusing on meeting student needs as an act of service.

As any great scientist should, Blobel attracted an extraordinary group of talented students and postdocs, teaching them “the ropes” while imparting his passion for science. One of his trainees wrote an emotional tribute which perfectly captured his essence – this has since gone viral across social media outlets and gained much acclaim.

Professional Career

Dan has extensive litigation experience across a wide array of matters including complex business, employment, product liability and insurance coverage disputes. He has represented clients before both trial and appellate courts and written numerous briefs addressing complex legal issues.

Gunter specializes in designing user-friendly interfaces to scientific workflows and data management within distributed multidisciplinary teams, working closely with science divisions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as well as institutions both academic and industrial.

Being passionate about giving back, he advocates for NC State’s Campaign by informing community members about its needs and working closely with University Advancement on donor strategies for prospective donors. In addition, he is an honorary member of both Wallace Carl Riddick Lifetime Giving Society and Chancellor’s Circle; also serving on Dean Advisory Boards and Alumni Association boards of directors.

Achievement and Honors

Gunter understands the value of giving back, serving as a trustee of Habitat for Humanity of Wake County and as a board member of NC State Alumni Association. He holds a commercial real estate e-certificate from Cornell University.

Gunter’s groundbreaking 1975 paper on the molecular basis of cell biology resulted in an elegantly simple idea he called the “signal peptide hypothesis,” which remains one of the best explanations of an important biological phenomenon.

Gunter dedicates considerable time and energy to community service. He has served as a Chancellor’s Aide, Senior Class Council Member and board member of Raleigh Rotary Foundation; additionally he has donated to student scholarships through this foundation.

Personal Life

Daniel Gunter remains active at NC State, serving on its Board of Directors and in various capacities with its Alumni Association. Additionally, he belongs to both Chancellor’s Circle and Wallace Carl Riddick Lifetime Giving Society.

He and his family have a deep-seated history with NC State dating back several generations. His grandfather graduated from NC State, while both he and his wife, Denorma “Dede,” provided many hours and resources towards helping expand and revitalize its campus.

Surviving are Michele Day Gunter of Gastonia; his daughters Ashley Anne Henry and Taylor Michele Henry as well as son Daniel Jessie Gunter all of Aiken; sister Evanda Morrissey (Kenny Myrick) of Graniteville; brother Hayward Gunter from Saluda; grandchildren Cole, Wyatt Samuel Holden Henry Scarlett Alexis Watson Scarlett Watson as well as stepdaughter Heather Michelle Donnell Donnell.

Net Worth

Gunter Nezhoda was best known for his appearances on A&E Network’s reality series Storage Wars and died in 2023. Rene, his son, paid his final respects by posting an homage on Instagram: he said his father was an outstanding individual who was deeply appreciated by many people.

Rene is co-owner of San Diego-based thrift store Bargain Hunters. Her 7000sqft store is filled with secondhand goods for which she has an in-depth knowledge. Thanks to Bargain Hunters and philanthropic efforts such as appearing on TV show Bargain Hunters as well as success of husband Casey as another successful business owner they both share fortunes among themselves and with their children – providing inspiration to all and showing that hard work pays off! Rene and Casey stand as an inspiring example that hard work pays off!

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