Daniel Elrod

An Interview With Daniel Elrod

Daniel Elrod has made headlines for his new body of work that falls somewhere between meditation and hypnosis.

Representative of providers on Certificate of Need, Licensing, and Certification issues as well as insurance regulation issues and transactional matters.

Dan Elrod Friedman attorneys assist both private sector developers in fulfilling responsible development projects and public sector entities with fulfilling government policies within their legal requirements.

Early Life and Education

Ben Moody Elrod was an outstanding educator and fundraiser who left an indelible mark at Ouachita Baptist University. He inspired students to set high standards for themselves and pursue their dreams; founded the Elrod Center for Family and Community at OBU; served on its Board of Trustees; and even served as its president from 1988-1998.

Officers Lugod, Bornhoft and Geyza encountered Elrod at Sports Car Garage on South 13th Street near Sports Arena. Despite giving him multiple verbal commands to show his hands and get down onto the ground, Elrod refused.

Officers administered a Taser shock, but he disobeyed their orders and continued pulling probe wires from his leg, refusing to comply. Police then shot multiple times at him.

Professional Career

He regularly advises both domestic and foreign insurance companies with respect to regulatory matters, including entity formation, licensing, certification and transactions requiring attorney general review. He has represented hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies regarding certificate of need matters as well as in purchasing or selling facilities.

Elrod held positions at churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas before accepting a development director position at Ouachita Baptist University. Later he would become its president in 1978 and was instrumental in improving relations between college members and church congregations and overseeing an ambitious fundraising campaign that funded both a new field house and fine arts center as well as increasing their endowments.

He initiated a university-wide initiative that brought students out into the community, serving those in need. He served as president of both Kentucky’s Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and Arkansas’ Independent Colleges and Universities organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an outstanding student who excels in every aspect of school life – playing four years of basketball at Aberdeen High School, participating in foodball and school blood drives, volunteering with the YWCA, serving as lifeguarding instructor at summer camps as well as volunteering.

He was one of the greatest hitters in ASA slow-pitch history, earning 11 All-Tournament teams consecutively and five batting championships from his league. Additionally, he is revered as an inspiring teammate and coach.

Dr. Ben Elrod was passionate about community service and volunteerism; so much so that Ouachita honored him by naming its center for family and community service after his presidency in his name. According to Ian Cosh, vice president for community and international engagement, Elrod wanted Ouachita University to be recognized as being committed to teaching that went beyond classroom walls to meet needs across society.” The Ben M. Elrod Center for Family & Community service awards are given out each year to honor students who exhibit servant leadership like Elrod did.

Personal Life

Elrod always made sure to find time for his family despite a busy schedule. He was dedicated to his children and loved spending time together outdoors. Additionally, he enjoyed working with young people as counsellor through his law firm.

Alvin Lugod, Bradley Bornhoft and Nicole Geyza encountered Danny Elrod at Sports Car Garage on 13th Street and gave him several orders to show his hands but he declined. Geyza then attempted to use a Taser device against him but it proved ineffective.

Todd Schmaderer, Police Chief in Elrod’s department, states that evidence points towards Lugod acting appropriately when he fired upon Elrod. Toxicology tests and an internal affairs investigation will provide further clarity into whether or not Lugod’s shooting was justified.

Net Worth

Elrod’s charitable endeavors as an actor and entrepreneur serve as an inspirational source for other aspiring performers and business people alike, showing them that anything is possible with talent, hard work and positive mindset.

Elrod has worked with some of the biggest names in politics such as Congressman Mike Ross and current Vice-President Joe Biden, in addition to providing surrogate strategy services to various candidates.

Elrod lives in Los Angeles and owns an elegant home there, as well as having an impressive car collection in his garage. To stay fit he goes to the gym regularly and does yoga. No details have been shared regarding his personal life or relationships yet but we can assume he’s single; Elrod stands 5’2″. As an actor he has built up an enormous following worldwide.

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