Daniel MacLeod

Daniel MacLeod

Daniel Macleod is one of the premier professors at UofM. He cares deeply for his students and provides invaluable feedback on papers they write, all while making lectures enjoyable and organizing class effectively.

Mr Deghayes was the brother of Abdullah and Jaffar Deghayes from Brighton who both died fighting Islamist extremists in Syria. Additionally, he fathered another son named Amer.

Early Life and Education

He grew up in a single-parent household, with his mother playing an instrumental role in teaching him key life lessons. From an early age he realized the role sports can play as an avenue to explore and make a mark on life – playing both soccer and football in his youth was instrumental in shaping him and leading to him finding his path in life.

MacLeod studied history and British studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland. Since then, he has published over 30 books, lectured widely on 19th-century British religion and history, produced two television documentaries for WNIN PBS on Evansville in World War II, taught history and British studies at University of Evansville Indiana as well as being Director of Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies – Canada’s largest Catholic Studies Program!

Professional Career

Daniel Macleod specializes in corporate finance, private equity and merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions. His advisory clients include investors, lenders and companies on public and private mergers & acquisitions transactions such as take-over bids, amalgamations agreements or plans of arrangement transactions. Daniel also regularly acts for issuers/underwriters in capital market financing transactions.

MacLeod led Gloucester High to victory in Essex County League play with an undefeated record, throwing one-hitters twice during his senior year.

He was married to Theo and father to Carrie and Lucas MacLeod of Blind River. Additionally, many nieces and nephews will cherish his memory. Donations made to Diabetes Society or Heart & Stroke Foundation would be much appreciated; funeral arrangements were handled by Menard Funeral Home of Blind River.

Achievement and Honors

Professor of Evansville History Dan MacLeod will speak on the topic “Evansville in World War II” during a public lecture beginning at 4 p.m. Wednesday, November 7. The event will take place at Eykamp Hall (Room 252) of Ridgway University Center on UE’s campus.

As an extraordinary field hockey player and member of Kent County High School’s Fellowships of Christian Athletes Club. Additionally he played lacrosse and swimming.

Daniel MacLeod currently serves as President of a company called Macleod & Associates Inc, employing five people and earning between $1M-$5M in revenue annually. As the proud recipient of numerous professional and academic awards he also writes extensively on Scottish history.

Personal Life

Daniel MacLeod was an upstanding and committed Christian who lived his life according to His word. He loved his family dearly and was loved and trusted by everyone he encountered.

As a person of great faith and integrity, he had unwavering belief in Jesus. Additionally, he served as Associate Pastor at Vineyard Church of Harford County in Joppa MD.

Nikki, their daughter, and son will miss him deeply as will many cousins, aunts and uncles who cherishes him deeply. He enjoyed music, movies, traveling and finding pleasure in simple pleasures of life such as laughing with close friends. All who knew him will remember fondly what an outstanding human he was – we will keep his memory alive forever in our hearts.

Net Worth

Unstitch more about Daniel Macleod by searching public records. These may include past addresses, phone numbers, aliases and more – making public records a great resource to use when researching before hiring anyone.

Daniel Macleod was found guilty of stabbing Abdul Deghayes to death in Brighton during a five-week trial at Southwark Crown Court and sentenced accordingly. Deghayes’s father Abubaker described his son as being cheerful and having no right to die so early.

Donald Macleod owns zero shares of Knowles Corp and has made approximately $363,500 through insider trading transactions since purchasing them through GuruFocus’ tracking of insider data for publicly-traded companies.

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