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Bentley Student Helps Write About Dan Marino

“Marrano” refers to those Jews who converted or were coerced into Christianity but secretly practiced Judaism while adhering to Christian faith. This concept has recently gained significant momentum among Bentley University students such as Daniel Marrano ’13.

Marranos were able to live freely in England and Hamburg, where Jewish settlement was not officially sanctioned until eleven years after Protestant Reformation; these places did not present them with any specific disabilities.

Early Life and Education

Financial major and history minor Daniel Marrano ’13 quickly responded when Bentley professor Clifford Putney mentioned he was undertaking research for a book about its past. For several months last fall, Marrano spent several hours every week searching through old documents and news clippings in Bentley’s basement; interviewing faculty and staff to gain first-hand accounts of its history.

The term marrano refers to Jews forced into Christian convert during the Inquisition who continued practicing Judaism secretly despite conversion. There are multiple possible origins of this word; among them Galician-Portuguese where marrar means “to force”, Arabic meaning those forced into convert, or simply from someone being forced into conversion themselves.

Professional Career

From 1984 to 2000, Marino earned first or second-team All-Pro honors eight times and All-AFC six times – becoming one of only six players ever to do so. Additionally, he is the only player ever to win both a Super Bowl and an AFC Championship in his career. After retiring, he established the Dan Marino Foundation which provides research, services, and treatment programs for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities; further helping establish Miami Children’s Hospital’s Dan Marino Center which houses integrated neurodevelopmental care for neurodevelopmental patients.

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