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Artist – Daniel Preece

Daniel Preece brings over two decades of results-focused global experience partnering with leaders to advance strategic priorities. A seasoned leader with considerable expertise in people and culture management.

After his arrest, he gave police officers an elaborate story, explaining that his brother offered to drive him home from Newport’s rugby league match – only for officers to discover that his brother was actually in Egypt with his girlfriend at that time!

Early Life and Education

Daniel Preece is an artist renowned for his vibrant color schemes. He often depicts cityscapes where day and night seemingly merge, creating scenes where artificial or natural lighting sources may not be readily discernible. A graduate of both Chelsea School of Art and Slade School of Fine Arts in London.

He has shown widely across the UK and internationally, acting as an artist-in-residence at Dumfries House and Kensington Palace among other places.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Patricia “Patty”, children Erica Vinson, Paula Preece and Sue Geiger; sister Nadine May; and many wonderful grandchildren. He was a member of Bells Chapel Freewill Baptist Church as well as Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy and substitute teacher at Lawrence County schools.

Professional Career

Daniel Preece is an urban landscape painter specializing in geometric and colour forms that hover between abstraction and figuration. His paintings are created directly from observation with bold color palettes derived from pictorial landscape traditions he has been inspired by to explore form and space through pictorial landscape traditions. Daniel Preece has held artist residency programs at Level 39 Canary Wharf Dumfries House Kensington Palace; additionally being awarded with a Boise Travel Scholarship to complete work there as well.

At college level, he earned All-Big Sky Conference selection both seasons as well as Phil Steele Preseason All-America honors from HERO Sports, Athlon Sports, STATS and was placed on the Walter Payton Award watch list. A graduate of Chelsea School of Art, Slade School of Fine Arts and The Drawing Year at Royal Drawing School;

Personal Life

Dan Preece was an exceptional husband, father, and grandfather. A member of Bells Chapel Freewill Baptist Church, deputy with Lawrence County Sheriff Department and substitute teacher in Lawrence County schools; Dan was survived by his wife Patty; children Erica Vinson, Sue Geiger and Dan Preece Jr; grandchildren Ashley Skellett (Donavon) Skellett Tabatha Vinson Kayla Hemming Chloe Vinson Gabe Vinson

Daniel is a painter whose works explore formal issues of geometry and colour that hover between abstraction and figuration. Working directly from observation, his urban environment paintings evolve from pictorial landscape tradition into works with an enhanced sense of place and space using dynamic colours. Daniel was artist-in-residence at Dumfries House from 2015 – 2017 as well as Kensington Palace from 2008 – 2009. Additionally he received a Boise Scholarship allowing him to travel across America making work.

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