David Brinton

David Brinton

David Brinton is a family medicine specialist in Riverton, Utah and affiliated with Intermountain Riverlodge Hospital.

Dr. Hertz received his medical degree from Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, having been in practice for more than two decades. Additionally, he is board-certified in family medicine.

Early Life and Education

David Brinton was born in Wellesley, Massachusetts into a family of six with his parents Harry and Beverly Eigenberg.

He was raised with a Christian outlook and attended his local high school. As an accomplished student, he graduated at the top of his class.

His early childhood was not always smooth sailing as he had to overcome several financial struggles, one of which being that he didn’t have access to television when he was growing up.

Despite this, he always pursued his dream of acting. After training under Milton Katselas for over a decade, he appeared in numerous plays and TV shows. Additionally, he has achieved great success as both a businessman and producer, enjoying a contented life alongside his wife Ilana.

Professional Career

Since 1991, David Burton has continued his coaching of cyclists and mountain bikers as a full-time job. As one of the pioneers of private coaching, his students have gone on to win national championships, UCI pro races, world championships, as well as setting numerous national and world records.

He was an accomplished painter and sculptor, competing in many plein air events across America and winning awards at each venue.

Achievements and Honors

David Brinton, a partner at Clifford Chance, specializes in corporate and securities law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions. He has extensive experience negotiating cross-border and domestic deals as well as providing financing advice on various projects.

He enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the best in his field, earning a place on the Hawken Hall of Fame in 2009. His impressive client list includes some of the world’s largest employers, associations, credit unions and banks; furthermore he is both a Hawken Lifer and member of their Board of Trustees.

Personal Life

David Brinton is an American cyclist renowned for his exceptional cycling abilities. Throughout his career, he has earned several World Championship titles and set numerous national records.

He is an accomplished stuntman and has appeared in more than 120 movies, television shows, and commercials. Additionally, he serves as a motivational speaker.

At a young age, Brinton joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and served as missionary in both England and America. Eventually he was elevated to bishop within his congregation.

As mobs began persecuting Mormons in Nauvoo, Illinois, David and his family fled by traveling westward to Indian Territory of Nebraska. There they endured a harsh winter before making the journey south to Salt Lake region where David opened both a blacksmith shop and co-op.

Net Worth

David Brinton is an American actor and former cyclist with a net worth of $5 million. He’s best known for his role as Horatio Caine on the television series SDzI: Miami, but has also appeared in over 120 films.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in nuclear engineering and vocal music from Kansas State University, as well as a master’s degree in sociolinguistics from Stanford University and doctorate level training in sociology from the University of Washington.

He has been an outspoken LGBTQ advocate since his coming out as bisexual at a young age. Born to Southern Baptist Missionary parents, he experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child; ultimately being placed in conversion therapy where he suffered for two years before coming out publicly.

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