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Decorate the sunny corner in the garden with cacti and succulents

Very often there is a particularly sunny corner in the garden, where the plants find it very difficult to withstand the strong sun in summer. Even daily watering sometimes doesn’t help and you will find yourself compelled to find a shady spot in the garden for your flowers. So leave the hot corner unplanted and in the evening, when you spend your time outdoors, you must always see this bald spot. Did you recognize yourself in this situation? Then we have the perfect solution for you to avoid areas in the garden that are not planted. Place large pots with various types of succulents and cacti on the sunny spots, which you can bring to the basement for the winter without any effort and then put back in the garden in the spring. With this wise decision you will finally win the persistent battle against the intense summer heat. Cacti and succulents can easily withstand high summer temperatures and simply survive with little water and more sunlight. Today we give you some smart tips on how you can create a great outdoor corner with the lovely prickly plants.

Find the right place in the garden

Cacti in the garden Succulents in pots modern look wall in yellow Pedilanthus macrocarpus

Large flower pots with cacti add to the colorful atmosphere in the garden

In order to decide where in the garden you want to grow the sun and heat-loving plants, you should first determine the individual zones. Gardens facing north are generally very shady compared to those facing west. The sun shines there from noon until dusk. The south-facing garden is perfectly ideal for cacti and succulents, where the sun’s rays give the area a lot of warmth all day long.

The right place for the pots with cacti and succulents is where the sun shines the longest and there is as little shadow as possible from buildings, fences or trees. The new residents of your garden like the sunlight and the high temperatures. They shouldn’t be watered very often at the same time, and they don’t necessarily want to be near a water source.

Emphasize the charm of your cacti with stylish pots

Garden design pergola outdoor upholstered furniture decoration wall Euphorbia resinifera

Euphorbia resinifera in a stylish outdoor pot

Regardless of whether you prefer colorful pots or those with fancy shapes and textures, make sure there are drainage holes. That should be the most important criterion in your choice. If the water from the pot does not run out easily, the roots will rot, which can be fatal for the prickly plants. Do not use pots that are too large, otherwise the water will remain in the soil for a very long time and this can lead to rotting. A hint for the size – the distance between the plant and the edge of the pot should be about 5 to 10 cm.
Only when these conditions are met can we talk about the look of the vessels. Succulents and cacti have a lush and cheerful appearance thanks to their whimsical shapes and numerous spines. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you opt for simpler pots. Choose straight or round flower pots in a stylish color. Materials such as terracotta, natural stone or concrete are highly recommended for a trendy look in your garden.

The earth should be suitable for the cacti and succulents

Covering made of stones Sanseviera in the garden

Symmetrical garden design with succulents

Although cacti and succulents are not demanding plants, the right soil is very important for their long life. You need a well-drained soil where the water won’t store for a very long time. Such dry, sandy soils are available on the market especially for cacti and succulents and should be the ideal choice for your flower pots. But if you like to spend more time in the garden next to your green darlings, you can make a good mix yourself. You need sand, potting soil and perlite in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.

Choose the right varieties for your garden or terrace

Opuntia in the garden pot in dark brown white house facade

Opuntia in exquisite cachepots embellish the house entrance

If you have fulfilled the previous 3 tips, you should choose the right varieties. Some succulents and cacti do not withstand extreme heat as well. For this reason, find out from the label whether your sunny corner in the garden is suitable for the plants you have chosen. If not, choose other strains so that you can enjoy their prickly beauty for a longer period of time.

proper cactus care large pot in the garden

Terracotta pots can be combined well with cacti

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