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Design trends for your new kitchen

Would you like to know more about some of the latest trends in kitchen design? Scroll down and get inspired!

We start with innovative kitchen furniture made of ceramic and concrete. The mixture of these materials ensures robustness and has a warming effect.

Kitchen example with matt light gray surface tendencies Kitchen Kitchen trends Design Kitchen furniture Furniture Concrete Ceramic

Kitchen example with matt light gray surfaces

Concrete as the choice of material for kitchen shelves is all the rage. The simple, high-gloss surfaces and the natural wood complement each other. In no case should the concrete be prescribed only to the industrial style. Instead, we see a luxury atmosphere full of style and comfort in the kitchen area.

Architecture for special demands-tendencies modern kitchen news design kitchen furniture concrete kitchen trends

Interior for particularly discerning owners

Noble kitchen ambience with worktop made of steel tendencies kitchen trends design kitchen furniture stainless steel

Noble kitchen ambience with worktop made of steel

If the color scheme and kitchen design allow, the decorative floor tiles would bring a special look into the interior. The end result is dynamism in the kitchen – whether the tiles are on the floor, on the shelves, or on the wall is not that important. However, the decorative floor tiles are difficult to combine with wooden elements.

Design with decorative floor tile trends Kitchen news Design kitchen furniture Floor tiles

Design with decorative floor tiles

Trends Kitchen News Design Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Back Wall Tiles Kitchen Trends

Create an exciting effect through the playful kitchen rear wall

The popular kitchen furnishings in black are strong competition for the high-gloss white kitchen. The stove and worktop, cabinets and shelves made of different materials in black look classic and timeless in the modern kitchen. So that the kitchen area does not appear gloomy, various accents and cozy lighting are set.

The kitchen in black should by no means look gloomy - trends kitchen trends design kitchen furniture kitchen in black

The kitchen in black should by no means look gloomy

Matt black fronts and bright colors - kitchen trends, design kitchen furniture, black fronts, worktops, stainless steel

Matt black fronts and bright colors

The stainless steel is another modern option for your kitchen. This material has actually been a classic in kitchen furnishings for decades. Kitchen furniture made of stainless steel can be found at both high and medium price levels. The elegance, robustness and ease of care of this material are well known.

Design elements in modern kitchen trends Kitchen trends Design kitchen furniture

Design elements in the modern kitchen

Kitchen accessories stylishly present trends kitchen design kitchen furniture designer

Presenting kitchen accessories in style

Small design elements such as unusual handles round off the overall look in your kitchen. Among other things, the brass comes into focus. The noble cabinet handles are a wonderful designer touch.

Classic look with copper and black kitchen trends design kitchen furniture handles made of copper

Classic look with copper and black

Black kitchen fronts and accentuating pendant light trends in kitchen design kitchen furniture, black kitchen fronts, copper

Black kitchen fronts and accentuated pendant lights

The kitchen is often the center of the house and, thanks to modern technologies, should make the food preparation process easier. The beautiful and stylish kitchen design is retained.

Dream kitchen with convincing equipment-kitchen trends design kitchen furniture black kitchen fronts worktops marble

Dream kitchen with impressive equipment

Highest quality and innovation - kitchen trends Design kitchen furniture innovative Cooking island in red

Highest quality and innovation

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