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Many parents have it already understood from personal experience – to furnish and design a modern, practical and at the same time cozy children’s room is not an easy task. In most cases this proves to be a challenge in which you have to use your creative spirit. Yes, a children’s room must actually have character and charm, but at the same time correspond exactly to the wishes and preferences of young and old.

In this case, that means that you, as parents, have to try that Finding the perfect balance between your design ideas and practical requirements and the needs and wishes of your child. Much depends on the space available, the amount of money you can spend on it and, of course, the specific choices and tastes of the children at home. But it is quite obvious that nowadays more and more parents are opting for children’s rooms that are modernly furnished and easily grow together with their little ones. This means that they create a neutral backdrop in the children’s room so that you can easily move the furniture there or replace it with new ones. And so that the kids’ kingdom doesn’t look monochrome or boring, you absolutely need some splashes of color or fun decorations, even a fabulous accent wall. Such design elements break the monotony in the room and drive away any boredom out of it.


The modern children’s room must exude charm and cosiness

Today we want to share a few practical tips with you on how you can a modern one nursery can design. These will definitely be helpful to you when you get your nursery project rolling.


Keep the room decor neutral and then introduce pops of color

  1. The furniture in the nursery – between romance and practicalism

There are such parents who want to design a romantic children’s room. You set up the children’s realm so that everyone there tiny details stimulate and develop the imagination of the little ones. Other pairs of parents take a very practical approach and prefer simple, practical pieces of furniture that in most cases grow together with their offspring. We don’t want to decide which approach is better, because everything about designing a children’s room ultimately depends on your own tastes and preferences, but also on the amount of money you can spend on it. We show you some examples of pictures that fluctuate between romanticism and practicalism.

children's room-with-play-corner-children's room-design

Simply and practically furnished children’s room with an extra handicraft table next to the bed


Romantic bunk bed for the children’s room – sleep upstairs, play downstairs!


The practical sense triumphs in this children’s room


A children’s fairy tale comes true! Pure romance in the nursery!

When designing a nursery, you also need to plan the location and size of the furniture in advance. It is best to use even the smallest corner to create storage space there, for example, and consider the play of light and shadow in the children’s room. The little ones like to play in a sunny, warm and cozy room. But this is not just about playing and romping around. The children will do handicrafts, romp, cuddle and learn there, and of course also sleep! All of these children’s activities need to be considered when designing the room. A corner for painting or a handicraft table should not be missing in the modern children’s room.


Loft bed with integrated desk – a very practical idea, right?


Create a play area for your little ones if you have enough living space

The large and small pieces of furniture must rather be made of high quality materials and have a child-safe design, ie any risk of injury should be avoided in the children’s room. Sharp edges are not desired, or rather, not allowed in the children’s room! Because the safety of the little ones is our highest preference.

children's room-design-idea-ways-walls-and-carpeting

First, think about the children’s safety when playing and romping around so that there are no nasty surprises!

The lighting in the nursery is also very important. The natural lighting must be used to the full. Make maximum use of the daylight and create a lot of cosiness there. For the evening you need colorful lampshades and night lights that drive away evil spirits from the nursery when you fall asleep and let the little ones fall into a sweet sleep.


Colors and lighting go hand in hand and create a cozy atmosphere in the children’s room

  1. Colours in the realm of the little ones

Subtle color design with splashes of color or a striking accent wall is nothing new in the children’s room. Playful patterns and sophisticated design elements are always welcome in this room and they are often used to make the room not only child-friendly, but also stylish, fashionable and beautiful. From soft blue to romantic pink, all the colors that contribute to the cosiness and modernity are trendy in the children’s room.


An accent wall in grass green, in front of which the green bedside tables really come to the fore

modern-youth-room-ideas-with-a-place to sleep

A children’s room all in blue exudes a lot of joie de vivre

children's room-with-play-corner-children's room-design-idea

Brightly painted walls transport the little ones into an imaginative world

  1. Too many toys? What to do with it

The children’s room – modern or traditionally furnished, is without a doubt the play area for the little ones. But that doesn’t mean in any case, ithe place is often said to be in chaos. Toys are scattered here and there on the floor of the room, crayons and balls can also be seen there! So that you are not confronted with such a situation, you still have to include enough storage space for the children’s things when planning the design of the children’s room. Think of a large enough closet for their clothes, shelves and baskets for their toys. If you have these “helpers” in the nursery, you will easily avoid the clutter. Find out about the new EU directives for children’s toys so that there are no alarms or unpleasant surprises in the children’s room.


A children’s room can look that simple


A modern children’s room – all children’s dreams come true here!

Take a look at our picture gallery and create new ideas for your modern and practical children’s room design at home! Have fun and good luck from our editorial team!

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