Does Sans Like Ketchup

“Does Sans like ketchup?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the franchise. Although the answer is often vague, fans have interpreted the spicier condiment as a symbol of her rebellion against the government. In a comic strip, Sans spills ketchup when she is attacked by Red, a character she dreads. While it’s not confirmed that Sans drinks ketchup, it’s not a stretch to say that she loves it.

It’s important to note that Sans’ recipe is a bit different than the original version, containing less ketchup and more tomato juice. But the key to this drink remains the same: a tall glass. Combine all the ingredients in a glass and stir. The ketchup will take a while to mix with the juice, so it’s best to cover the beverage before serving. Once it’s mixed, pour it over ice, and coat the rim of the glass with ketchup to ensure that the ketchup is well coated.

When Red sees the bottle of ketchup, he mutters, “Ketchup!” Then, he grabs it, which causes Sans to spit it out. Then, the two take a bottle of ketchup. The resulting drink has a very unique taste and is the perfect way to start the day. If you’re wondering whether Sans likes ketchup, this recipe will show you.

In the official Steam artwork, Sans has leg bones and is not made of flesh and blood. This reveals her weakness and the fact that she was never intended to be a human. But, despite all this, Sans’s drink still contains the key to ketchup: tomato juice. The recipe is straightforward: fill the glass with ice and pour in the ketchup. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and then serve over ice.

The recipe for “Does Sans like ketchup” is an interesting combination of ketchup and tomato juice. While it contains less katchup than the original version, it still features a major element of ketchup: a small amount of ketchup in a jar of tomato juice. The rest of the ingredients are poured into the glass, so that the ketchup is well mixed with the juice.

When Red orders ketchup and a bottle of monster alcohol, Sans is surprised and mutters “ketchup” in response to the sauce. After the skeletons have eaten their meals, he asks Sans, “Does Sans like a hamburger?” Both of them take a sip of the sauce. If they do, he reaches across and picks up the bottle, which he then takes.

The ingredients of Sans’ drink are less ketchup and more tomato juice, but the key ingredient is still ketchup. To prepare the ketchup drink, you’ll need a tall glass with ice. Add the ingredients and shake them together. Once the mingling of flavors is complete, cover the glass and wait for a few minutes. Then, pour the ketchup over the ice and coat the rim.

The ingredients for this drink are tomato juice and ketchup. While there are fewer ketchup ingredients, the key to the drink is ketchup. The ingredients should be mixed in a tall glass. The ketchup will take some time to blend with the juice. Once combined, cover the glass to allow the flavors to mingle. Once the ketchup is well-mixed, the drink should be served with ice.

Sans is an underground creature, but he does not like ketchup. The ketchup is the best condiment for Sans, so he is in a hurry to eat. While Sans may not like ketchup, he does not mind it when he gets a taste of it. The other ingredient in the drink, tomato juice, is the key to the drink.

If Sans has a full human body, she could have a skeleton that is powered by bone marrow and determination. But, the skeleton of a dead human should not be producing bone marrow. Without it, the ketchup would drip from the Sans’ mouth. So, does Sans like ketchup? It doesn’t have a soul, so it doesn’t matter.

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