Driving an automatic is boring

Especially drivers of minimally motorized small cars are often convinced that driving an “automatic car” is boring. Of course, there are also more fun, sporty things to do than driving a ’90s Golf with an automatic transmission.

However, the statement “automatic is boring” is completely wrong in most cases today. The semi-automatic from the Smart is still well-known, and it can still be annoying today with its shifting pauses. However, modern 6-speed converter transmissions, such as those in the Volvo XC60, work wonderfully and shift smoothly and unobtrusively. Even better and, above all, faster and sportier when shifting gears are double clutch transmissions such as those in the Audi A1 (7 gears) or Audi A3 (6 gears). You couldn’t change gears that quickly by hand. Jeep now installs an 8-speed automatic in the Grand Cherokee (SRT) as standard, which always makes the right gear available impressively quickly.

IMG 2374

Shift-by-wire automatic gear selector

Switching from manual to automatic is very easy and is explained in this article.

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