Driving & Corona: In these cases, controls & fines threaten!

On March 27th, the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior published an official catalog of fines for the exit restrictions. Motorists face a fine of €150. In some cases, however, driving is permitted. We explain what you should definitely pay attention to!


Driving without a reason costs a fine of €150

According to the catalog of fines from the State Ministry of the Interior, which was published on March 27th. was published, threatens Fine of €150if you own the apartment for no good reason leaves. This means that if you drive to friends, for an unnecessary car wash or if you simply drive around without a destination, a fine can be imposed in the event of a check. The same applies, of course, to leaving your own home without a car. Also one motorcycle tour to pass the time is currently not allowed.

Look at the catalog of fines for the curfew

The catalog of fines currently only applies to Bavaria. However, due to the increasing number of corona cases and regular violations of the exit restrictions, we assume that it will soon also apply throughout Germany.

violation fine
Leaving your own home without good reason (by car) €150
Failure to maintain the prescribed minimum distance from other people €150
Visiting old people’s homes and retirement homes €500
Entering a university if you have been in a risk area within the last 14 days €500
Operators who open their catering business (except for delivery & pick-up) €5,000

✔️ In these cases driving is allowed

The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior cites the following reasons, among others, for which driving is still permitted and in some cases also makes sense:

  • Picking up food from a restaurant
  • pharmacies
  • Banks & ATMs
  • Letter and mail order business (= Post, DHL)
  • drugstores
  • beverage markets
  • car workshops
  • Optician & Hearing Aid Acoustician
  • cleanings
  • medical supply stores
  • gas stations
  • pet supply trade

When driving, then alone!

We explicitly recommend, because of the risk of infection only alone to drive a car. When shopping, you can discuss the shopping list with older roommates or family members beforehand. Under no circumstances should you risk it grandparents or children to send them to go shopping or to take them away unnecessarily. Carpooling to work should also be avoided at the moment. If you are ill yourself, however, it is advisable to travel by car so as not to infect anyone on public transport.

How are exit restrictions controlled?

Germany are currently Gatherings of more than two people are prohibited (= no contact). Unless several people, such as a family, live in the same household. Especially when the weather is nice, the police are making increased checks throughout Germany. According to police reports, the focus of the controls is currently on avoiding “corona parties” or breaking up crowds in parks etc. when the weather is nice. Schleswig-Holstein is currently closed to tourists, here the police also carry out roadside checks, for example. In Berlin, too, the police mainly check whether the rules of the distance of 1.5 meters are being observed. We assume that roadside checks will soon increase as the number of infections increases.

Corona Grenze geschlossen Daenemark

Border closed during Corona near Pattburg / Denmark

How are border crossings controlled?

In our article on open and closed border crossings during Corona, we explain how border crossings are checked during Corona and which border crossings are open to/from Germany.Maxiflex Handschuhe Corona

🧤🧽 Tips: Wear gloves & clean the interior frequently!

When we go shopping or fill up gas, we currently wear our Maxiflex gloves almost constantly. Not only do they look less dramatic than disposable gloves, but they also provide a perfect grip and are properly protected. Of course, this does not replace frequent hand washing with soap. We also recommend cleaning the interior of the car frequently, especially surfaces with a lot of hand contact. Instead of damaging the surfaces in the car with harsh cleaners, we recommend the interior cleaner we use from Meguiars (approx. €10) or from Alclear (approx. €13).

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