ATVEA: Golden rules for ATV riders

thumbs 20100500dch027The All Terrain Vehicle European Association (ATVEA) has published a code of conduct for ATV drivers. Well-known manufacturers are taking part in the campaign for more safety when handling ATVs.

According to the motto ‘drive safely, use suitable routes, be considerate of others and protect the environment’, ATVEA has launched a new internet campaign. The ‘Right Rider’ explains the code of conduct for a respectful handling of the ATV in pictures and writing.
Herry Kleyn Van Willigen, ATVEA President, says of the campaign: “We want to make it clear that ATVs are not harmless toys. The rules of conduct should point out not only to pay attention to nature conservation, but also to be mindful of your own safety and that of your fellow human beings.”

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Contact: ATVEA

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