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Elegant door design combines first-class room aesthetics and modern technology

Modern-minded people want to design their own home in such a way that it corresponds exactly to their individual needs and aesthetic criteria. Everyone wants to have more comfort and cosiness in the four walls and indulge in real relaxation. That is why there is constant news in terms of room design that meet our ever higher demands. In this article we want to report on an elegant door design that successfully combines first-class room aesthetics and modern technology. Stay tuned to find out more!

Elegant glass doors blur the boundaries between the individual rooms.

Elegante Glastüren

  • Elegant door design that expresses first-class room aesthetics

Nowadays we are talking about a new room aesthetic at home. The cramped and small rooms are a thing of the past. Now open room concepts are preferred, where you immediately get a feeling for space. For this reason, modern doors are currently very popular, as they blur the boundaries between individual rooms in a very elegant way. These do not represent a visual barrier. On the contrary! They allow a good view within the ambience. Such doors are often installed between the living room and dining room or can separate the home office from other rooms. Its use between bedroom and bathroom is very successful, creating a super modern and threshold-free look. Our favorites, however, are modern doors that lead to the terrace, as they create a seamless transition between inside and outside. With such floor-to-ceiling doors you can observe nature outside, feel it up close and constantly enjoy the green of the garden.

Floor-to-ceiling doors blur the boundaries between inside and outside.

Raumhohe Türen

A suitable transition to the other rooms must be possible from the modern kitchen.

modernen Küche

  • Excellent door design is possible thanks to modern technology

The new room aesthetics are possible thanks to modern technologies. A good example of this is the pivot door. It scores with an excellent design, which is based on old Italian traditions in door production. On the one hand it inscribes itself perfectly into any room design, on the other hand it surprises with its technical characteristics. This rotating wall is invisible when closed. When opened, it blends in perfectly with the room. Unique pivot door hinges are integrated into the top and bottom edges of the door and are almost invisible. These innovative door hinges actually fit every door, regardless of whether it is made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. These are also compatible with soundproof and fire-resistant doors. And another important plus point: it is quick and easy to assemble, but the end result simply leaves nothing to be desired.

If you are interested, you can still find out more about the advantages of pivot doors online or get advice from designers and manufacturers. That would definitely be necessary if you want to introduce a new room aesthetic into your home and expect innovative design and modern technologies.

The Trendomat editorial team wishes you every success with this project!

An inconspicuous perfection that enchants.

Eine unscheinbare Perfektion die bezaubert.

Treat yourself to the comfort you deserve.

Gönnen Sie sich den Komfort den Sie durchaus verdient haben.

Modern doors can also be used perfectly in offices.

Auch in Büroräumen sind moderne Türen perfekt einsetzbar.

Every employee can work undisturbed in this office space.

In diesem Büroraum kann jeder Angestellte ungestört arbeiten.

Timeless beauty that has already established itself in room design.

Zeitlose Schönheit die sich bereits im Raumdesign durchgesetzt hat.

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