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Enchanting kitchens with captivating skylight skylights

Many people turn their attention to the walls in the room when it comes to interior design goes. That means hours of thinking about which colors and shades are best, what works of art and decoration will best spice up the room, etc. Carried away by these thoughts, we often forget a very important factor in the interior that has a greater influence on the room’s appearance than that Walls. And that’s the ceiling. Usually the ceiling is neglected and is simply painted white and nothing more. An effective change in color or a new decorative element can give the room a completely different character. And could you only imagine what a great flair your kitchen will get with captivating skylight roof windows! Today we are going to show you 13 enchanting kitchens where daylight is not taboo.


The Skylight roof windows ensure a very pleasant atmosphere for housework

Skylight roof windows are More often seen in living rooms or lofts than in kitchens. But that doesn’t mean at all that they are not suitable for kitchens. Every housewife certainly spends a lot of time in the kitchen and will certainly look forward to a lot of daylight there. Scientific research has shown that daylight creates a good mood and cheerfulness. So these 2-3 hours a day in the kitchen can be much more pleasant and healthy. On the market you can find a wide variety of mechanisms, shapes and materials for great Skylight roof windows that make the room appear larger and create an airy atmosphere.


Stylish kitchen with skylight skylights above the kitchen island

the Skylight roof windows visually enlarge the kitchen and create a bright and friendly environment, which will definitely improve your everyday life. With this practical roof design you will noticeably reduce the hours spent with artificial light, which will have a very positive effect on your concentration and fitness.

skylight-skylight-kitchen island-countertop-pendant lamp

Use the natural light source effectively with the Skylight roof window in the kitchen

The execution depends on To suit your taste – equip the entire ceiling with skylights or only certain parts where you need good light, for example above the kitchen island or above the worktop. Also get tight blinds for those hot sunny summer days.


Simple kitchen in white with practical skylight skylights above the worktop


Make the dining area an eye-catcher with more natural light


Roof design with skylight roof window in the small kitchen


Spacious classic style kitchen with functional skylight skylights

skylight-skylight-small-kitchen-refrigerator-stainless steel

Make the small kitchen look bigger with Skylight roof windows

cake-cupboard-brown-skylight-skylight-cake island

As a housewife, you will definitely spend a lot of time on the kitchen island. Treat yourself to good natural light there through Skylight roof windows


Equip the sloping ceilings in the kitchen with skylight roof windows


This charming kitchen shows a great combination of sunlight, deep gray and bold red


Emphasize the clean lines of your kitchen with more natural light

skylight-skylight-practical-kitchen-kitchen-island-wooden floor

The blinds are a smart solution for those sunny summer days

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