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Even a small home office can be comfortably designed

Most people around the world have been working from home since spring 2020. During the Corona period, working in the home office established itself as the most effective form of employment for millions of people. The workers are just as capable, disciplined and responsible in carrying out their daily work tasks as they were in the office. Therefore, working from home will certainly continue to be a popular form of work. Especially if we cannot predict the development of the corona pandemic at the moment … For these reasons, the topic of home office is becoming more and more topical. On our website you will find numerous ideas on how you can make your home office cozy and work creatively and motivated. Today we want to enrich the topic and show you that you can set up your home office in a very narrow space at home. A small home office does not have to be inferior to a spacious one in any way. Below is how to do that!

Can a small home office turn into your favorite place at home?

Kleines Home Office am Fenster offene Regale Bücher auf dem Schreibtisch weiße Vase mit farbenfrohen Blumen

Where can a small home office be set up?

You have probably noticed from your own experience: you don’t need a lot of space for a home office! Thanks to the Internet, working from home is not only possible right now, it is also more in demand than ever before. The good thing is that you can place your computer or laptop anywhere and immerse yourself in your work immediately. We are also surprised at how little space a small home office actually takes up. It can be inscribed in a room niche or even built into a closet. Small home offices are designed in the hallway, in the bedroom behind a curtain or under the stairs. The space under the sloping roof is often used to create a cozy and romantic workplace. The great picture examples are a good confirmation of what has just been said and can convince you that a small home office fits everywhere.

A very practical idea: the small home office can be quickly hidden behind cabinet doors!

Kleines Home Office in Schrank eingebaut kann versteckt werden Lampe Laptop Regal Ordner bequemer Stuhl

The be-all and end-all of the basic equipment of a home office is available here! In a small area and in a niche!

Kleines Home Office in der Raumnische das A und O der Grundeinrichtung ist vorhanden Schreibtisch Glasplatte Stuhl Beleuchtung

There’s always a place for the home office in the corner of the living room, isn’t there?

Kleines Home Office in der Ecke des Wohnzimmers Regale viele Ordner Dokumente Bücher junge Frau vor dem PC

In the bedroom, the home office can be hidden behind curtains.

Kleines Home Office im Schlafzimmer hinter weißen Gardinen versteckt gut gestaltet

You can also set up a cozy home office under the sloping roof.

Kleines Home Office unter der Dachschräge Balken romantische Atmosphäre

How can you make the atmosphere in the small home office extremely pleasant?

The absolute must-haves in the home office are undoubtedly a computer with internet connection, a desk and a comfortable chair. Depending on the nature of your work, you may also need a cupboard or a shelf for files, folders, etc. for important documents. On the whole, that’s all it takes! It fits easily into a tiny niche of 2 square meters. In order to make your workplace cozy at home, however, you need to use your creative thinking. For example, you can make the wall more interesting with beautiful wallpaper, because you will have it in front of your eyes all the time. There is sure to be some space for your favorite photos and pictures. It has been scientifically proven that beautiful photos with our loved ones (for example parents, husbands, partners, friends or with the children) are a good source of inspiration in the home office. However, some people prefer photos from their last vacation or beautiful landscapes.

If you lack creative design ideas for a small home office …

Kleines Home Office unter der Dachschräge Regal alles weiß Schreibtisch direkt am Fenster PC

Think of working from home as an extremely creative activity.

Kleines Home Office in der Nische hohes Regal links viele Bücher Schreibtisch PC Retro Sessel

Use the advantages of working from home, even when designing your workplace in the smallest of spaces. Many people work all day on the PC and have fixed working hours even with this type of work. Others are flexible in this regard and can only work a few hours during the day and then continue their work in the evening. In all cases, however, you need fresh decoration in the small home office, but also suitable lighting. So make sure you have something green! For example a flower pot with succulents or other houseplants of your choice to decorate your desk. Or maybe a vase with beautiful garden flowers in it?

If there is not enough daylight in your small home office. Then choose shade-loving potted plants.

Kleines Home Office unter der Treppe fast kein Tageslicht Tischlampe schattenliebende Topfpflanze etwas Grün neben PC Bilder an der Wand

Kleines Home Office in der Raumnische schwarze Wand rechts weiße Wand links schwarze Tafel Notizen weißes Regal Bücher viele Fotos

Magnificent cut flowers provide a fresh note here.

Kleines Home Office Schnittblumen in Vase auf dem Schreibtisch frische Note viele Bilder Fotos Bücher Zettel

Pure elegance in the small home office!

Kleines Home Office perfekte Gestaltung auf wenig Fläche grüne Topfpflanzen eingebaute Beleuchtung einladend wirken

The right lighting concept enhances your small work space.

Kleines Home Office Schreibtisch in der Zimmerecke vor dem Fenster Schreibtischlampe Deckenlampe

Kleines Home Office eingebaute Beleuchtung plus Schreibtischlampe Schreibtisch Stuhl Wandtapete

In addition, you also need to think about suitable lighting. A desk lamp is a must here if you like to work in the evening. Regardless of whether you place the lighting on the desk or on the wall, it is essential that it is easy on your eyes. That is why we would like to recommend that you work during the day and make maximum use of natural light in your small home office. This way you will have healthy eyes for a long time and you will definitely have a lot of fun working in the home office!

We want to wish you that!

Draw further inspiration from our creative design ideas for small home offices!

Kleines Home Office weiße Wände Retro Möbel Schreibtisch Stuhl Lampe Wandposter im Retro Stil

Kleines Home Office eingebaut versteckt unter der Treppe Raum sparen

Kleines Home Office in einer Nische Retro Schreibtisch viele Bilder an der Wand Stuhl aus Plastik

Kleines Home Office im Schlafzimmer hinter weißen Gardinen Ziegelwand schöne Einrichtung

Kleines Home Office einfache Einrichtung im schmalen Raum Schreibtisch direkt vor dem Fenster Lampe PC Teppich rechts Regal

Kleines Home Office klappbarer Schreibtisch eingebaut in Schrank in der Küche Holzmöbel Lampe Stuhl

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