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Cordless or corded tools for work around the house?

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Do-it-yourselfers appreciate power tools for work in the house and garden. Many activities can be carried out with the electrical support without much effort – for example with a Makita. This tool manufacturer has been selling its products worldwide with great success for many decades. The first-class quality speaks for itself. But how about a cordless tool? This variant also has its advantages. Which ones we will show you in this article.

Tools with battery or cable – a comparison

Power tools have the distinct advantage of electric assist and cordless flexibility. This makes the work much easier compared to static tools and leads to more accuracy in the project to be processed. But should you rather rely on cord or battery-powered tools these days?

  • Hard-to-reach places

To get into hard-to-reach places, a cordless screwdriver is the more practical solution and the ideal alternative to electric tools. Depending on the device, e.g. B. with milling machines or grinders, however, the battery variants do not bring enough power. Here you should fall back on the good old cable device.

Every battery eventually runs out and loses its juice over time. Corded machines, on the other hand, deliver consistently high and constant performance. It should be mentioned that the new lithium-ion batteries have significantly more power than their predecessors. The difference in performance between corded and cordless devices is therefore significantly smaller than it used to be.

Corded tools are generally cheaper. This is because rechargeable batteries tend to be found in the higher price segment. New, high-performance lithium-ion batteries in particular have their price – but they are significantly better than their predecessors.

Which is better – cable or battery?

This question cannot be answered in general. One thing is certain, the new lithium-ion technology on which many new rechargeable batteries are based cannot be compared with conventional technology. The batteries are light years better than they were 10 years ago. Today’s cordless devices deliver extremely more power – with a longer runtime at the same time. Even jigsaws and hand-held circular saws, compressors, hammer drills, etc. are now available as powerful cordless tools. With an unbeatable air speed of 54 m/s blowing power, the cordless blowers are also suitable for long, intensive use.


The modern lithium-ion batteries are the reason for this revolution in cordless power tools. In addition, they charge exceptionally quickly and are also particularly durable when treated correctly. In general, every professional and hobby craftsman should consider the purpose for which it is to be used when buying a power tool. In general, cordless tools are of course much more flexible and make work a lot easier.

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