FF Melk: CF Moto in the fire service

The Melk Volunteer Fire Department has had a CF Moto in fire service since 2013. Originally it was supposed to be a tractor CF Moto in the fire service: it was actually supposed to be a tractor for clearing snow;  however, the ATV was cheaper and more versatilebe made as a purchase for clearing snow. However, due to the lower costs and the more versatile application possibilities, the decision was finally made to go with an ATV. The CF Moto Everest 500 has proven itself over the past few years.

CF Moto in action: CF Moto Everest 500

The CF Moto Everest 500 has been in use with the Melk Volunteer Fire Department since 2013. It was bought from the WAT company in Dunkelsteinerwald at a special price of 4,990 euros. CF Moto on firefighting missions: equipped with flashing lights, cable winch, hose carrying basket with C-hoses and a spray pipe, as well as a Rosenbauer SL 10 poly extinguishing systemOriginally, it should have been a tractor that could be used to clear the fire station of snow in winter. “We’re glad that we decided to go with CF Moto,” emphasizes Thomas Reiter, commander of the Melk volunteer fire brigade. “It was a lot cheaper compared to a tractor and is also more versatile.” Equipped with a snow plow, the CF Moto easily takes over winter service and far away from snow also finds other essential tasks for the fire brigade.

The CF Moto Everest 500 in the service of the fire brigade

“Our ATV is equipped with a small cable winch,” explains Thomas Reiter. “In addition, she got a special signaling system, a blue light on a pole. Depending on your needs, we can add more different pieces of equipment CF Moto in firefighting operations: at crowds, events in the city center and in impassable terrain such as in the forest or on the Danubeload on the ATV. “The basic equipment of the CF Moto in firefighting operations includes a hose basket with C-hoses and a jet pipe as well as a Rosenbauer SL 10 poly extinguishing system. At events, an emergency backpack is added for first-aid services.
The CF Moto is primarily called into action when it would be difficult for a conventional emergency vehicle to get ahead: in crowds, events in the city center and in impassable terrain such as in the forest or on the Danube. Concrete CF Moto in firefighting action: exploring the situation;  your pilot is able to guide units of the disaster relief service into the area of ​​operationare deployments such as fire safety guards in the city center or major events such as the Rally Cross or the Fendt Field Day. The CF Moto is also used to fight incipient fires. The CF Moto is probing the situation and its pilot is thus able to act as a vanguard and guide the disaster relief service units into the area of ​​operation.
Thanks to its off-road capability, the ATV can move quickly and easily on forest roads or unpaved hiking trails and, for example, carry out investigations in forest fires or search for missing people. “A thermal imaging camera is also used for this purpose, so the search can be very targeted,” explains Thomas. Investigations in the case of ship accidents or drowning emergencies on the Danube are also among the tasks of CF Moto in fire service operations. “You can quickly be on the spot and call on other workers on the stairway along the Danube or even on the beach,” says Thomas. “In the event of a flood, materials such as submersible pumps or sandbags can be fed into dams that are inaccessible to heavy vehicles.”
In addition, CF Moto takes over reporting activities. Because in the event of a communication failure between deployed units, important messages often have to be exchanged – this is easy with ATV.

Energy Mobility Day: May 30, 2015

On May 30, 2015 CF Motopresented the CF Moto Everest 500 to the public at Energy Mobility Day to inform visitors about the numerous possible uses of an ATV. It is also interesting that the Lower Austrian NÖ. State fire brigade association will provide each district in Lower Austria with an ATV for use by the fire brigade. “People have recognized the advantages,” says Commander Thomas Reiter, whose fire brigade is playing a pioneering role. chk

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