Flashing headlights is prohibited on the Autobahn

Strange as it sounds, this is a mistake. For example, if you want to make room in the left lane for overtaking on the Autobahn, may actually use the headlight flasher – or horns. Provided it sticks to a light signal and keeps a reasonable distance:

That says § 16 paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO):

§ 16
warning sign
(1) Acoustic and luminous signals may only be given

1. who overtakes outside built-up areas (§ 5 Paragraph 5) or
2. who sees himself or others endangered.

but: Anyone who jostles, repeatedly flashing their headlights, not only endangers several lives, but Of course, this also violates the road traffic regulations. Even within the framework of the penal code one makes oneself additionally punishable (keyword coercion).

=> Fading in once before overtaking at a moderate distance is okay! This applies to both motorways and country roads.

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