Games Like Sally Face

There are several games like Sally Face, an indie game created by the studio Portable Moose. This game follows the titular character Sal Fisher, who has a prosthetic face, and her friends, as they investigate local murders. There are five episodes, and the game is a great choice for fans of the genre. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging experience, we recommend trying out other games in the same genre.

Sally Face is an adventure game that features a narrative and puzzle-solving. The game allows the player to take control of the protagonist through a sidescrolling viewpoint. The story is a mystery that is unraveled through the dialogues of the different characters and environments. In addition, you can return to the same locations at a later time in the game, which allows you to get a fresh perspective on the plot. The game also includes various minigames and optional puzzles that will test your skills.

If you enjoy adventure games, Sally Face is a great choice for you. The game combines puzzle-solving with exploration and narrative. The game allows you to direct your character in a sidescrolling environment, allowing you to interact with the characters. It is recommended that you explore the various environments, as you will return to them later on. Unlike other games, Sally Face also contains optional puzzles and minigames.

Another game that has similarities with Sally Face is ‘Strange Neighbors’. This is the first episode in the game, and it features odd tenants, a crime scene, and a sinister mystery. It is divided into five episodes, and each one introduces a new aspect of Sally Face’s life. Despite being similar to Sally Face, the other 60 games are distinctly different.

Sally Face is an Adventure/Puzzle game developed by Portable Moose. It has a storyline that features a boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. In each episode, the player is encouraged to interact with the game characters and explore the environments in order to progress to the next level. The game also contains minigames, optional puzzles, and a unique setting for each episode.

While Sally Face is a single player adventure game, it also features puzzle-solving, exploration, and side-scrolling controls. The game encourages you to explore different environments and talk with the various characters in the story. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to return to these environments at a later date. There are also many other games like Sally Face, and these can be good choices for those who love puzzles.

Sally Face is an Adventure and Puzzle game from 2016 that was released for PC, Mac, and Linux. This indie game has multiple platforming options. Sally Face is an online game that features a narrative, exploration, and puzzle-solving. It is a single player experience, and the player can progress in any of the five chapters. The story follows Sal as she grows up, from her childhood to her teen years. During her adventures, she will encounter a variety of interesting characters and situations, including people from the past and her own family.

Sally Face is a single player adventure game that features puzzle-solving, storytelling, and exploration. During each episode, you’ll be able to talk with the characters in the game and explore various environments. Once you’ve explored them, you’ll be able to revisit them later in the game. Some of the games like Sally Face feature a number of optional puzzles, and some of them even feature minigames and other interesting activities.

Sally Face is an adventure and puzzle game that was released on August 16th 2016. This game was released on PC and Linux platforms. Its gameplay is similar to the original Sally Face. While Sally Face is an Adventure and Puzzle game, it features more complex puzzles and more complicated levels. The game is a fun experience for all ages, and it’s worth playing. You’ll have a lot of fun exploring the world in Sally Face.

Another popular game in the genre is Sally Face – Episode One. The dark psychological horror game is available on Steam and has a great storyline. It revolves around a boy with a prosthetic face and his tragic past. You can explore the mysterious world of Sally and discover the truth behind the mask. The game is a must-have for fans of survival and horror games. Its simple controls and deep gameplay make it a must-have for any player.

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