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Garden design in the courtyard

Mimicking nature in design is no easy task. If, like most people, you want a well-designed courtyard, dare to start any of the following ideas. Today we tell about container gardens or hydroponic gardens. Let yourself be inspired by our photos!

Step 1: what is the right garden style for you? Basically, you can choose between a bucket garden or a hydroponic garden in the backyard. The potted or potted plants grow in an artificially created small biotope with loose soil. The hydroponicGarden means hydroponic garden. Because it is – in most cases with live fish in the pond there. Earth is not needed here the constant water level supplies the vertical planting system with moisture.

  • The potted plants can be rearranged several times and easily brought into the house in winter.

  • With the hydroponic garden you can grow a lot of plants in a small space.

Step 2: Have you decided on the right place? The design of a courtyard garden largely depends on the right location. The plants need a lot of light and sun.

  • Avoid cold rooms (such as the attic or garage).

  • Some plants don’t like drafts, so either ventilation openings or air conditioning should be nearby.

Step 3: carefully examine the environment. In the inner courtyard one is able to completely control the milieu. In most cases this is time-consuming and time-consuming, but believe us, it is definitely worth it. Because the results are sure to be successful.

  • Obtain a heating mat. In general, the plants bloom best at a temperature of 24 to 29 ° C.

  • Drip irrigation would also be helpful. With such a system you guarantee that you will get watering, so you don’t have to think about it every day.

  • The lighting is very important for the plants. Natural sunlight is enough, but artificial lighting is by no means unnecessary.

Step 3: what are your favorite plants? The possibilities for your garden design are numerous. Besides flowers, you could also think of vegetables, berries, herbs, flowers, etc.! Let yourself be convinced:

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, carrots, radishes, beans, peas and mushrooms.

  • Fruits: strawberries, figs, grapes.

  • Herbs: basil, bay leaf, chives, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme.

  • Flowers: vaginal leaves, African violets, marigolds, begonias, cacti and succulents.

  • Trees in large pots overwinter in the greenhouse

    Trees in large pots

    Garden decoration with potted plants

    Garden decoration with potted plants

    Garden plants garden design

    Garden plants



    Growing herbs in the kitchen - potted plants

    Always have fresh herbs in the kitchen

    Lavender in your own garden potted plants

    Lavender in your own garden

    Modern hydroponic vertical garden

    Modern hydroponics

    Indoor plants in the modern house-potted plants

    Indoor plants in the modern house



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