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Garden design: Trends 2017 – set up your oasis of wellbeing outside!

Spring is already here and it is time to stay longer in the garden and in the fresh air. This break brings us all many long-recognized advantages that we miss during the long winter, but they are particularly important for our physical health and our emotional wellbeing. Now it is worthwhile to think carefully about how you will design your outdoor area, which garden furniture you will choose and where you will place it. All of this helps you to create your own personal oasis of wellbeing outside and to enjoy every free minute in the garden. We show you the trends in garden design 2017 in two articles and want to support your considerations about your own design concept with a few examples.

Deko Kissen Trends Gartengestaltung 2017

Treat yourself to peace and comfort outside and enjoy every minute of the fresh air!

Find time for yourself

The key words for your personal well-being are: focus on the present and allow yourself the pleasure of switching off from everyday stress and relaxing. There is no better place to indulge in some stress-free time than in the garden. It would be good for your mental well-being this year to abstract yourself from modern technologies, turn off all electronic devices from time to time and stay longer in the fresh air with a good book in hand – even if it is only once a week. Choose a garden couch that offers the utmost comfort with adjustable back and armrests, place it under a parasol, get a side table for your refreshments and you can enjoy pure relaxation in your outdoor area.

Esstisch Stühle Gemütlichkeit auf der Veranda

Blur the lines between inside and outside and set up an outdoor kitchen on the veranda

Pure entertainment inside and outside

In recent years the outdoor kitchen has grown in popularity enormously. People try to be outside more and more often and longer, which is why the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. Even a little more: people are trying more and more to create a large living space outside where you can relax and unwind, chat with friends and have fun. In order to create a seamless look between indoor and outdoor, the garden furniture should be as elegant as the interior and offer you convenience and comfort. In such a cozy atmosphere you can spend many pleasant hours around the table with friends and family, eat together and have a lot of fun. The outdoor kitchens are trendy in 2017 and will certainly never go out of style. Show outside what you can do in the kitchen!

Gartengestaltung 2017 Trends

Discover the natural charm even in the smallest details and create a beautiful place outside for your time together!

Enjoy a ‘hygge’ feeling outside

Are you familiar with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’? Sure you do! Because hygge is now very much in vogue! That is the typical Danish way of life, to only perceive good things. In short, this is the art of creating a nice atmosphere at home. Hygge still means our everyday pursuit of happiness. It’s actually about having a good experience and good feelings, when being together with friends or in your own four walls. Hygge means feasting with friends, drinking beer and chatting. No stress! You can treat yourself to such very special moments in life, for example sitting outside around the open fireplace, grilling sausages or roasting mushrooms with garlic. And then drink hot chocolate. That is the real essence of the hygge attitude to life! Surround yourself with fragrant flowers such as honeysuckle and jasmine, which spread their aromas in the evening. Comfortable chairs are a must and have a pile of blankets in a wicker basket ready to hand. You can really use this when the temperature drops in the evening.

Trends 2017 Gartengestaltung Esstisch Stühle vor dem Gartenkamin

You could set up your dining area in front of the garden fireplace and feel completely like you are in the living room.

kleiner Stadtgarten

The urban garden is your oasis of wellbeing, embedded in a lot of green

‘Urban Garden’ is not just for pioneers or trend-conscious city dwellers

Smaller gardens are becoming more and more popular in 2017, with their backyard and urban garden – these are beautiful, cozy places and they are more and more in demand, because you can spend your time there comfortably and completely undisturbed. So, an urban garden is not just for pioneers or trend-conscious city dwellers. This outdoor area is designed like an indoor room, there are even mirrors that reflect the light and make the room look twice as big as it actually is. The combination of maximum comfort and flexibility is the key to your oasis of wellbeing outside. Make the most of the small city garden, furnish it with furniture that looks neat and elegant, but can also be easily put away if needed. The addition of fragrant climbing plants, a pergola or a decorative umbrella gives your urban garden even more cosiness. Small things that matter a lot could make your time outside even more enjoyable.

Garten Gestaltung Ideen Moderne Urbane Gärten

An urban garden can be made gorgeous with lots of greenery and proper lighting

Garten in Grün eingebettet bequeme Gartenmöbel

You’d love to spend your time here, wouldn’t you?

Gartengestaltung Trends 2017 Korbmöbel

Beautiful wicker furniture in bright colors immediately attracts everyone’s attention and is very inviting

Bright colors dominate the garden

While neutral colors still predominate in the interior, bright, vibrant colors take over in the garden. The blaze of color outside adds new energy and some drama to the entire garden. A brightly painted fence can define the boundary of the garden. The use of bright colors can also draw attention away from less attractive objects. Tables and chairs are generally a focal point and perfect choice for adding color to create a characterful look. Blue is a very popular color this year and choosing it will create a serene, calming feeling outdoors. Choose between red and orange and create a lively atmosphere filled with a positive party mood.

Elegante Garten Designs

The blaze of color of the decorative pillows steals the show here!

Ideen für die Gartengestaltung trends

Set up your personal oasis of wellbeing on the veranda!

Gartengestaltung 2017 Trends Pool Liegestühle blau weiß gestreift Sonnenschirm Ruhe und Komfort in einem

Of course, if you have a garden pool, you’re lucky!

Liegestuhl im Garten

A deck chair in the garden offers you the perfect opportunity to relax outside with a good book in hand

getünchte Ziegelwände weißer Rosenstrauch mediterraner Stil

Surround yourself with beautiful things and fragrant garden flowers – for example, you can enjoy the scent of the rose bush all the time!

Gartengestaltung Trends 2017 Veranda Industrial Style

Designed in industrial style, the veranda can also look cozy.

Gartengestaltung Trends 2017 Exotik ideen

Introduce more exotic and you will have a warm southern vibe!

Creative Ideas for a

Enjoy a “hygge” attitude to life outside, where you can hang out with friends and family for a long time, have great conversation and have fun!

Kissen und Kuscheldecke Gartengestaltung Trends

Always have a blanket with you in case the outside temperature drops.

Gartengestaltung Trends weiss möbel ideen

Fragrant climbing plants make your time outside even more pleasant.

Relaxmöbel Gartendestaltung deko ideen

Convenience and flexibility are the keywords in garden design 2017

Garten Möbel Trends 2017 Ideen

Little things that are expressive

Gartengestaltung Trends 2017 Möbel aus Paletten

As always, furniture made from pallets is very trendy! Also in this year!

Gartenlounge Sommer Garten Gartenstuhl Gartengestaltung 2017 Trends

Outside, admire the sunrise over your first cup of coffee!

gartengestaltung bilder terrasse ideen

If lilac is your favorite color, paint the fence in this shade!

Gartenmöbel Farbe in den Garten einführen attraktiv gestalten

Pieces of furniture in bright colors add more drama to your garden

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