George Damiris

HollyFrontier Corporation CEO George Damiris

HollyFrontier Corporation CEO George Damiris is one of the most well-known executives in the energy sector. He brings an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience to the company’s board.

Before joining Holly, he worked for Koch Industries for 18 years where he managed their refining, chemicals and trading businesses. His leadership roles provided him with invaluable experience in this field that has served him well throughout his career.

Early Life and Education

Damiris has had an illustrious career in the energy sector that began in 2007. He spent his teenage years at British Petroleum, honing his skills as a refining engineer. Later on, he joined Koch Industries where he held several executive level positions.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Case Western Reserve University and also earned an MBA there. Since 2015, Damiris has served on the Holly Corporation board of directors; additionally he serves on Eagle Materials and Sea Breeze Communications boards as well. Aside from being an impressive CEO, Damiris also dedicates time to his family responsibilities; managing two young children alongside his wife and three pets. Furthermore, Damiris has an infectious philanthropic streak which shows when spending time with family members such as grandchildren.

Professional Career

George Damiris has extensive experience in the petroleum industry, having held various positions over his career. These have given him invaluable insights into the operations of this sector and how it runs day-to-day.

He has held a variety of directorships throughout his career, each providing him with invaluable experience that has prepared him for higher leadership positions.

He currently sits on the boards of Eagle Materials, Holly Energy Partners and Holly Logistics Services. With a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from that same school, he holds multiple board positions including Koch Telecom Ventures Inc, Sea Breeze Communication Company and Net Holdings Limited.

Achievements and Honors

Damiris is an esteemed executive with a stellar reputation in the business community. His diverse background encompasses oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, trading and finance – giving him invaluable expertise.

Damiris has held several director positions over the years, giving him experience in management and leadership. Furthermore, his insight into how businesses run on a day-to-day basis serves him well in his role at HollyFrontier.

His leadership of strategic initiatives at the company has enabled it to prosper. He played an instrumental role in making it from a large supplier to an important producer of refined products and chemicals, aiding the company in expanding its global presence.

Personal Life

Damiris enjoys travelling alongside his professional life. He and his wife often head to Mexico in wintertime to escape the chill of Wichita.

He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, knowing that his income is “way above” what he used to make as a builder. With no worries about making ends meet, he says he can focus on enjoying life to the fullest.

His professional experience has enabled him to be an invaluable asset on the board. He has an in-depth knowledge of how business operations operate day-to-day and is skilled at mediating discussions between company management and the board.

Net Worth

George Damiris is an accomplished business leader and director. With extensive experience in leadership positions, he holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

He has served on the boards of directors for numerous companies, offering him invaluable leadership and management experience. Furthermore, his extensive financial investment knowledge makes him a valuable resource to the board of directors.

According to estimates as of 8 February 2023, Damiris’ net worth is estimated to be at least $13.9 million. His stock trades have generated millions of dollars in value; one example being selling 51,771 units of Eagle Materials (NYSE: EXP) on June 4th 2018 for $4,176,367. Additionally, Damiris serves as CEO for HollyFrontier Corporation and holds other board positions such as 3DI LLC, Koch Telecom Ventures Inc and Sea Breeze Communication Company.

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