George Fallieras

George Fallieras, MD, is an ER Doctor and Addiction Specialist

George Fallieras has spent his career as an Emergency Room doctor treating thousands of patients. He has also seen firsthand the devastation caused by addiction, particularly alcohol and opiate abuse.

He has a passion for aiding those recovering from addictions and returning to normal lives. However, when he became sick with COVID-19, his selflessness was put to the test.

Early Life and Education

George Fallieras was raised in Tampa, Florida and earned his Phi Beta Kappa degree from the University of Florida. Subsequently, he received his M.D. from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine before completing his residency training at Tulane Health Science Center/Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

He is currently the Medical Director of BioCorRx Pharmaceuticals, an alcohol and drug addiction treatment company, as well as a hospitalist at Good Samaritan Hospital-Los Angeles. In addition to his expertise in medicine, he also has a great appreciation for community involvement and charity. He has provided care for hundreds of patients suffering from addiction issues as well as thousands injured during Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey. Additionally, he volunteers on twice annual missions trips to Haiti.

Professional Career

George Fallieras has a longstanding career helping patients recover from addiction, including alcohol and opioid misuse. He also has an intimate understanding of the physical and emotional toll addiction can take on individuals as well as their families.

He is a board-certified internal medicine physician in Los Angeles, California. He is affiliated with PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital and accepts multiple insurance plans.

In March 2020, while treating COVID-19 patients in an emergency room, he became ill himself. For three weeks he remained hospitalized, focusing on his own recovery while trying to assist as many patients as possible.

Achievements and Honors

George Fallieras is an emergency room doctor by trade with extensive hospital inpatient experience as well as knowledge in addiction recovery. His most remarkable feat is inventing an implantable device designed to reduce alcohol and opioid cravings during the first six months after addiction has been overcome.

Other accomplishments include being named “most likely to succeed” in his high school class, serving as King High Student Body President and being elected PTSA vice president. Additionally, he holds a silver trophy awarded for being the highest voted student in his graduating class – all while still studying! For now though, his life remains secret until he embarks on its next big journey.

Personal Life

George Fallieras has extensive experience treating patients recovering from alcohol and opiate addiction. Additionally, he holds certifications in emergency room, hospital inpatient, and intensive care unit (ICU) care.

He has always had an interest in addiction medicine and has provided care to countless suffering patients with alcohol-related illnesses, such as end-stage liver disease. He has witnessed firsthand the profound physical and emotional toll that alcohol and opiate abuse can have on individuals and their families.

He has also been part of an innovative program that promises to revolutionize how people recover from alcoholism. This treatment utilizes a drug that blocks opiate receptors in the brain, suppressing signals that lead to cravings for more and more alcohol.

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