George Fastuca

George Fastuca

George fastuca is a Houston-based businessman with extensive experience in the energy sector. His knowledge and connections make him an admired figure within the community.

He tragically passed away due to an improvised explosive device attack while serving in Afghanistan last August.

Personal Life

Personal life is the culmination of all choices an individual makes throughout their lives, which shape who they are as individuals. This includes relationships with others, pets and even time spent in hospitals. Carol Smart (2007) believes this concept is key for understanding society as it provides explanations as to why people connect and choose certain people over others. In her book she delves into topics like connectedness and relationality; making it a captivating read for anyone interested in sociology of relationships.

Net Worth

George fastuca inherited a fortune from oil tycoon uncle Sid Richardson four decades ago and built an expansive family firm that owns oil and gas wells in Texas. He’s also the largest shareholder of the Dallas Cowboys and an influential backer of Karl Rove’s American Crossroads SuperPAC. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Salvation Army and recently donated $25 million to both University of South Carolina and Duke for interdisciplinary studies that address society’s pressing problems. He’s a former bankruptcy lawyer turned shale-gas legend who sold land in Texas’ Barnett play and invested heavily in the Marcellus shale gas field. This year his net worth has increased due to his bank’s profits and campaign to get big banks to purchase bad loans they sold during the housing boom.

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