George Fergus

George Fergus, Organist at Washington National Cathedral

George Fergus serves the Cathedral as Assistant Organist, playing for worship services and demonstrating the organ to visitors twice weekly when the building is open. He also performs solo and collaborative recitals.

He earned a Master of Music degree in organ performance and Certificate in Church Music Studies from the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, while serving as choirmaster and organist at Berkeley Divinity School before moving to Washington National Cathedral in 2014.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Fergus is the Associate Director of Music and Chorister Program Director at Washington National Cathedral, leading rehearsals and services with the Cathedral Choirs. Additionally, he often appears on their online streamed worship services and recitals, as well as accompanying them on domestic and international concert tours.

George is a celebrated musician, father and husband. He and his wife Jean reside in Fergus with their two daughters.

He mentions his wife’s commitment to her children’s education and community activities, which stems from their shared sense of responsibility. As a primary teacher, she has long stressed the value of education in their home.

Achievements and Honors

George Ferguson has been a pioneering force in architecture and urbanism for decades. He served as President of the Royal Institute of British Architects from 2003-2005, and later founded Acanthus, an alliance of independent practices dedicated to design and conservation.

He has also been an active participant in the Academy of Urbanism, writing, broadcasting and lecturing extensively on planning, environment and architectural topics both at home and abroad. In 2010 he was appointed Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE) for his services to architecture and community development in South West England.

He was elected mayor of Bristol in November 2012, becoming the first independent mayor to lead a major British city. During his first term he led the team that earned Bristol the title of European Green Capital 2015 and earned inclusion on Rockefeller Foundation’s list of 100 Resilient Cities.

Personal Life

George Fergus was a loving husband and father. His belief in hard work and perseverance inspired him to ensure his children were equipped with the skillset needed to tackle life’s obstacles with confidence.

He was a dedicated friend and mentor to many of his students, always upholding the highest ethical standards. A man of principle, he always did what was right.

During his time in Washington, he was fortunate to connect with many like-minded musicians. Now back home in Savannah, he looks forward to building the music program at Christ Church with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

He is survived by his wife Joan and their three children: Tom, Jane and John. Additionally, he leaves behind several nieces and nephews as well as great-grandfather to Jane Elizabeth Rolfe and Yvonne Whitlock.

Net Worth

George Fergus, the organist at Christ Church Episcopal in Washington, DC and former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, earned an estimated $1 million from his position.

He began his career as an organ scholar at Grace Church in New York and went on to serve as choirmaster and organist at Berkely Divinity School at Yale. Additionally, he served as music director for the United States Embassy in London, England.

His net worth is expected to increase as he continues to work in various roles. Currently, he’s appearing on the hit television show Outlander and earning a good salary that could contribute towards building his wealth.

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