George Sard

George Sard, Co-CEO of Sard Verbinnen &


George Sard is the CEO and co-CEO of New York-based public relations firm Sard Verbinnen. He has extensive experience assisting his clients with mergers and crises.

The firm is in talks to sell a 40% stake of itself to private-equity firm Golden Gate Capital for $60 million. Unfortunately, details of the transaction were leaked to The New York Times before any final agreements had been finalized, and some departing partners are unhappy with certain elements of it.

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Professional Career

George Sard has been in the public relations business for over three decades. He currently serves as Chairman and Co-CEO of Sard Verbinnen & Company in New York City.

He has served on the boards of several companies and served as a public relations writer for Clark University and East New York Svgs. Marquis Who’s Who has recognized him as an exceptional public relations professional.

One of his proudest achievements was helping his firm secure a contract to handle PR and media relations for SAC Capital Advisors – an impressive feat considering their client has been linked to numerous high-profile lawsuits and scandals.

Achievements and Honors

George Sard is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sard Verbinnen & Company, founded in 1992 by himself. With over 25 years of experience representing Fortune 500 companies and private businesses across a range of industries on long-term investor and media positioning programs as well as high-profile crises and special situations, George brings invaluable insight to every assignment.

He is a proud member of the Public Relations Society of America and recently received their Gold Anvil award, an accolade given to professionals who have made remarkable contributions to their industry.

He serves as Senior Advisor to Blackstone, one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. His passions include mentoring young professionals and creating diversity and inclusion initiatives. In his free time he enjoys traveling, playing tennis and attending plays.

Personal Life

George Sard is a proud native of Prince George’s County and has made his mark as an active member in this community. To honor his cousin Phil G. Sardelis, who passed away from COVID complications in 2021, George has established a scholarship program in his name.

In 1992, he co-founded Sard Verbinnen and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until it merged with Finsbury Glover Hering in 2021. His expertise encompasses mergers and acquisitions, high-profile restructurings, earnings issues, executive transitions and other important business matters.

Sard is an avid baseball and tennis fan. His wife Rosie Allen-Herring, a public private partnerships expert, serves on the United Way board among other interests.

Net Worth

For over three decades, George Sard has provided Fortune 500 companies and private firms with advice on investor and media positioning programs, as well as in high-profile crises. His expertise also extends to mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, restructurings, earnings issues and high-level executive changes.

He co-founded predecessor firm Sard Verbinnen & Co in 1992 and served as Chairman and co-CEO until its merger with Finsbury Glover Hering in 2021.

The firm has represented a variety of prestigious financial clients, such as SAC Capital Advisors, Martha Stewart and Nelson Peltz. Furthermore, it provides corporate and legal counsel on sensitive legal and regulatory matters.

Recently, Sard announced an agreement to sell a 40% stake to private equity group Golden Gate for $60 million. As part of the deal, partners could sell their shares to Golden Gate and receive up to $50 million in funding for expansion projects within Sard.

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