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Give the old kitchen accessories a new life

Aren’t today’s trends a strange thing? The market is overloaded with goods and people are always looking for vintage items, unique accessories and unusual kitchen appliances. Because nowadays, interior design with a personal touch is highly valued.

Do you have an unwanted household gift that is still in its packaging or is in good hands? Or maybe Grandma’s old dinner service that you should never throw away? Get the unused kitchen accessories from the basement: whether they are old-fashioned or with signs of wear – vintage is in! We would be happy to show you how to do it:

Converting antique silver cutlery into coat hooks

Wall hook original antique silver spoon

Spoon hooks with the names of the family members

This idea is likely to take more time, but it looks great with the personalized spoons and is especially noticeable. Incidentally, the cutlery can be bent in any other shape.

Rolling pins as wall hooks for tea towels

Kitchen idea rolling pin hanging up tea towels

Creative and robust recycling

The widely used rolling pins can also be used to make a charming coat hook. The wooden board is effectively designed with a used look to beautify your kitchen.

Store craft supplies in a retro style

Wooden shelf buttons mason jars order

Clearly tidy buttons in mason jars

The preserving jars should really never be thrown away. The wooden box is not particularly mobile and still offers clear storage space for small buttons, jute rope and shaving accessories.

Redesign household helper as a twine holder

Knit a bowl of yarn Recycle the sieve

Yarn bowl made of metal with a vintage look

The yarn dispensers are available on the market in many shapes and colors, but why spend extra money on them? With the old sieve made of hard-wearing material, you will have a stable helper when knitting.

More than a good cutting surface

Cutting board for the iPad old article decoration idea

Don’t throw away your old cutting board, use it as an iPad stand

The unique solid oak cutting boards haven’t changed much in twenty years. If you don’t want to part with them, but want to keep them in any case, then you can proudly display them. A shelf for electrical devices is very practical so that you can listen to music or Skype while cooking without having to expect any dirt.

Cooking sieves as effective lighting elements

Repurpose cooking strainer wall lighting DIY

The old cooking sieves give your kitchen a unique character

Why didn’t we think of this great idea sooner? In the kitchen, this decor with colorful decorations and bright accents serves as the perfect wall decoration.

Hand over the kitchen grater to the next generation

Square grater pins storage DIY project

Cleverly integrating vintage square drives into the decor

Are your colored pencils well organized? Hang the square drive on the wall in the office or in the children’s room. Practical and fun.

Use tea cups as succulent pots

Cup plants pot succulents arrangement

Succulents and porcelain for a minimalist look

You can realize this great idea with the classic, no longer used tableware set. The end result looks very pretty and is easy to achieve.

Make bird feeders out of old cups and plates

Bird feeders inexpensive creative DIY

Homemade porcelain bird feeder

If you want to invite the little birds to your own yard, hang up such a bird feeder outside. It’s child’s play to imitate it.

Reused spoons as garden markers

Gardening spoons flowers garden markers

Old spoons labeled with plant names and drawings

This sweet idea is realized with the help of waterproof paper. In addition to the names, the little drawings will brighten up your days!

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