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Great basket made of seagrass with DIY colorful tassels

The wicker baskets have established themselves very strongly in interior design in recent years and that is no coincidence. You can choose from many shapes and colors, they always look beautiful and natural, they are practical and functional. The wicker baskets are the ideal storage option for blankets and pillows, as well as for little things that you never want to part with. They are well suited for indoor use, as well as for the garden or terrace. Baskets can be ideally combined with indoor and garden plants as eye-catching planters.

Today we will show you step by step how you can turn a boring basket into a real eye-catcher. A few tassels in the right color combination make a real miracle out of the old basket.

Delicious window leaf planter wicker basket DIY decoration idea

Great homemade decoration with colorful tassels

Do-it-yourself wicker basket with red, sky-blue knitting yarns

Give the old basket a new face with DIY tassels

Choose the basket and the colors of the tassels in line with the overall look of the room where you want to place your homemade treasure. For today’s DIY project, we have chosen the classic color combination of red and blue. Whenever you want to give the basket a new look, you should simply decorate it with new tassels or bring back the original look very quickly.

Necessary materials:

  • Wicker basket (e.g. made of seaweed)

  • Knitting yarn in the desired color

  • A big needle

  • Cardboard paper (take old cardboard packaging from the basement)

  • Paper clips or colored tape

  • A medium-sized pair of scissors

Instructions in 5 easy steps


  1. step

Our decorative basket has a total of 12 tassels – 6 of each color. The size of your tassels depends on the size of the cardboard paper. And you regulate its thickness with the knitting yarn. For our tassels we have wound the thread 70 times. You can make finer or thicker pieces.

  1. step

Put a 25 cm thread through the wrapped knitting yarn and knot it together. Remove the almost finished tassel from the cardboard paper and tie it with another thread so that a round bobble forms.

  1. cut

Cut all the threads along the edge of the cardboard until the length you want is reached.

  1. step

Measure the circumference of the basket and divide it by the number of tassels. If you are aiming for a symmetrical look, calculate the distance between all the tassels in advance. Mark these places with the paper clips or with the adhesive tape.

  1. step

Sew your homemade tassels to the basket with a thread. Knot the thread from the inside and cut off the remains. Voila! Your pimped up basket with self-made decoration is ready.

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The colorful tassels add a lively accent to the room

Basket planter with DIY tassels Delicious window leaf

The window leaf feels ideal in its new planter

Living room quickly arrange decorative wicker basket for ceilings

Arrange your living room and put all the blankets in the basket

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