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Great ideas for more romance on Valentine’s Day

The festival of love is getting closer and closer and therefore you must already have something specific in mind, what you want to do with your loved one on this day. But if not, you can come up with great ideas for more romance here on February 14th. A visit to a restaurant doesn’t have to be on your daily schedule. You can also spend wonderful hours full of romance and love for two at home. In today’s post you will find a list of fun activities that lead to wonderful and unforgettable experiences on the day of eternal love. These will help you to have a nice party for two.

Can you think of something else that expresses more romance? Nicely wrapped gifts are part of Valentine’s Day.

Romantik am Valentinstag zu zweit zu Hause schön verpackte Geschenke

  • Love goes through the stomach – romantic ideas that flatter the palate

The festivals are there to be celebrated by all of us. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic of all the festivities in the whole calendar, because this day is dedicated to love and romance. If you can take February 14th off, it would be even better to have a really eventful party with your loved one. Don’t forget that love goes through the stomach. Therefore, plan together what a festive Valentine’s Day menu you can prepare at home. You don’t necessarily have to be a culinary talent to surprise your husband, boyfriend or partner with something tasty on Valentine’s Day. It’s best to start with a strong breakfast in bed, then skip lunch, but cook something tasty for dinner. The hours together bring even more romance into your love relationship and strengthen your feelings for one another.

Cooking together makes a couple happy.

Romantik am Valentinstag zu zweit zu Hause kochen macht glücklich

Come up with something great that is also easy to prepare. For example, a heart-shaped pizza would be a good idea for two to eat together. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to Valentine’s Day desserts, one is more beautiful and tastier than the other. A bottle of good red wine should not be missing at the festive table. When it comes to drinking wine, many barriers fall away, but that’s how you get to know each other better, isn’t it?

A heart-shaped pizza is sure to put a smile on your face.

Romantik am Valentinstag zu zweit zu Hause eine Pizza in Herzform essen

A bottle of red wine is part of the celebration.

Romantik am Valentinstag eine Flasche Rotwein trinken

  • Pamper each other and experience the romance between you

Spending time with your loved one can be very varied, but your plans for Valentine’s Day must definitely include a lot of romance, love and affection. So make yourself very comfortable on the couch and watch old (maybe newer) love stories. Remember your first date or the place where you met, where you kissed for the first time and relive all these beautiful moments again.

Lounging around and feeling the closeness of your partner.

Romantik am Valentinstag im Bett faulenzen die Nähe fühlen

Small gifts are almost a must on Valentine’s Day. They are a nice sign of love and affection. Therefore prepare a little surprise for your loved one. You can find great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her here. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, you can also make a present yourself and give it to the dear man with a card. That way, the surprise would be more pleasant, because you show exactly that you know your loved one well.

Prepare a little surprise for your loved one!

Romantik am Valentinstag kleines Geschenk für den Liebsten

Writing love letters is already “old school”.

Romantik am Valentinstag Liebesbriefe schreiben „Old School“

Yes, it is no longer common to write love letters these days. In the era of advanced technology and social media, we like to send romantic messages or make nice messages that express our feelings well. You can do that on Valentine’s Day too, and you’ll be on the safe side by all means.

Let yourself be pampered on Valentine’s Day!

Romantik am Valentinstag Massage im Bad

A romantic bath looks like this!

Romantik am Valentinstag ein romantisches Bad für zwei

And how do you imagine the finale of a party full of romance and love? Even more romantic and loving, of course. We suggest you end Valentine’s Day with a bath or a long stay in the bathtub. Rose petals, massage and kisses are also included. Don’t forget to always have a bottle of sparkling wine and a box of chocolates within reach. So you will definitely feel happy and will be on cloud nine for a long time after the festival. Yes, Valentine’s Day can be so beautiful at home for two!

Surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed!

Romantik am Valentinstag Frühstück im Bett genießen

Prepare fresh salads and tasty dishes together.

Romantik am Valentinstag frische Salate und schmackhafte Gerichte zusammen zubereiten

Turn Valentine’s Day into a culinary experience.

Romantik am Valentinstag das Fest der Liebe i ein kulinarisches Erlebnis verwandeln

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