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Happy door signs welcome spring!

The dreary winter is slowly coming to an end. Although it’s only the end of February, the sun is smiling more and more often and conjuring up a beautiful smile on the faces of young and old. Outside it will be pleasantly warm, the first spring flowers show their heads modestly in the snow and will soon bewitch us with their beautiful blossoms. Nature awakes from its long hibernation to new life. The beginning of spring will only be there in three weeks and it can already be felt in the air. A new season begins full of joy, bright colors and numerous positive experiences. So, it’s time we prepare for this. Have you been thinking about some eye-catching ideas for cheerful spring decorations the other day? If not, that’s not a problem. Today we want to make a small contribution to the topic of spring decorations. We show you cheerful door signs, which on the one hand decorate your house entrance and on the other hand welcome spring. Stick with it!

Happy door signs put you in a good mood and get us in the mood for the coming spring.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko beschriftet macht gute Laune geschmückt mit Blumen

Welcome to spring!

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko auf Holzplatte weißer Hintergrund blaue Inschrift

Why are cheerful door signs a must in spring decorations?

Happy door signs are cute decorative items that put you in a good mood in the weeks leading up to spring. You can hang these outside somewhere where they catch the eye immediately. For example on the front door, on the garden fence or on a tree that is not too high. You will feel the difference in no time. The door signs not only put you in a good mood, they also greet you and your guests before you enter the house. In addition, they are an unmistakable sign that winter is almost over and the new season is about to begin. Cheerful door signs can therefore be seen as harbingers of spring, which is why they are an indispensable part of the spring decoration outside. Of course you can also find a suitable place for these cheerful signs inside, but the effect will not be that great.

There is sure to be a suitable place outside for your spring-like signs.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko auf rosa bemaltem Holz beschriftet draußen an Gartenzaun gehängt

But they can also attract everyone’s attention inside.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko auf dem Kaffeetisch drinnen einfaches Design beschriftet

A beautiful sign adorns the wall shelf!

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko schönes Schild beschriftet schmückt das Wandregal zwischen zwei Blumentöpfe mit Bonsai Bäumen

How can you make happy door signs yourself? Brief instructions

Happy door signs are very easy to make. The biggest plus point of this spring decoration is its simple design. In addition, you can master door signs for spring from different materials yourself. This mainly includes wood, sheet metal, plywood, an old pine molding and others. The material used mostly depends on the style of doorplate chosen. This can be modern, rustic, shabby chic, etc. although the rustic style is the most common choice. You can use a panel of old wood as a base, but you can also use the back wall of an old window or picture frame, a box or a pallet. Cut the base according to the measurements that you determined in advance. Often one takes a template, for example in a square shape with dimensions 30cm x 15cm x 0.5 cm. These can of course vary, depending on where this door plate fits best.

You can determine the dimensions of the door plate for spring yourself.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko aus Holz grauer Hintergrund beschriftet geschmückt zwei Blumen beiderseits

The rectangular shape of the door signs is the most common.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko drinnen auf dem Tisch rechteckige Form vor einer Vase mit Schnittblumen beschriftet

How to do it!

Before you roll up your sleeves and get started, you need to choose the color that your door hanger will be designed in. You can take a cheerful spring color and apply it to the wood, then let it dry. Many DIY enthusiasts, however, want the wood to be left natural and do not work with it at all. Others try to do pyrography on wood. This method is old, but it’s modern again these days. Only after you have prepared the wooden board can you write something on it, for example a quote, a saying or just a single word. Choose exactly what you like best and which expresses well your feelings for the coming spring. Then you can further decorate your door hanger. Often flowers, green twigs, rabbits or Easter eggs are drawn on it. That is understandable, because spring is always associated with Easter.

With spring comes Easter too.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko kleiner Hase mit Karotte Vorfreude auf Osterfest

You can create additional decorations for the door signs if necessary.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko fröhliche Beschriftung auf schwarzem Hintergrund mit bunten Blumen verziert

Combined with a spring wreath, the sign looks really great.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko interessantes Design Frühlingskranz Weidenzweige weiße Blumen weißes Schild

We can only suggest a few ideas for additional decoration on the door plates. For example, add willow branches or other flowering branches, grass or small flags. And voila! Your door signs are ready and with that you welcome the coming spring!

Extra tip: Since such door signs are primarily intended for outdoor use, it is advisable to protect them from the elements with a coat of varnish. Surely you want to use these decorative pieces not only for one year, but also in the future, right?

The best spring decoration is the self-made one!

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko Retro Design draußen gehängt beschriftet

You can leave a message on the sign.

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko schwarzer Hintergrund Schild am Baum im Garten Nachricht

Keep browsing our website and you will find many other spring decoration ideas and good tips on how to decorate your home for spring. Have fun and have a nice spring!

Bring on the spring! The new life begins!

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko weiße Blüten im Hintergrund Schild beschriftet eine Eule gezeichnet helle Farben

Come in! I’m on the balcony!

Türschilder Frühling fröhliche Deko kleines Schild draußen beschriftet Ich bin auf dem Balkon

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