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The Legend of John Henry

John Henry remains an iconic figure, inspiring people everywhere with his tale of defeating a steam-powered drill at Great Bend Tunnel on the C&O Railroad. It stands as an emblem of man against machine.

Major Gen. Patrick Reinert, commander of the 88th Readiness Division and Mayor Doug Sammons joined hands to honor Henry on Feb. 9.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised by an abusive drunk father and prostitute mother, both of whom regularly engaged in prostitution. Henry experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child as well as being subjected to regular rape by these individuals; an example of what happens when you combine frontal lobe brain damage and trauma.

Henry was determined to transform Protestant fundamentalism into an active part of American culture, playing an instrumental role in creating both Berlin and Lausanne world conferences on evangelicalism.

Academically, Dr. Bent specialized in exploring exclusive orbital molecular models and developed Bent’s rule on hybridization and valence bond structures, writing four books and numerous articles along the way. In addition, he was an enthusiastic lecturer on thermodynamics as an art, poetry, and science for college teachers supported by the National Science Foundation’s short course for teachers on thermodynamics; winning numerous leading awards in chemical education as a result of his efforts.

Professional Career

Bent was a passionate chemist, contributing unconventional ideas such as placing helium above beryllium on the periodic table and using valence-sphere models for electron density profiles in molecules. Additionally, he stressed teaching through demonstration-experiments.

Henry hails from South Bend and graduated from Lasalle High School. Since then he has received both his Bachelor’s and Doctorate of Medicine degrees at Stanford University, then received board certification for Orthopedic Surgery with specialties including Joint Replacements and Sports Medicine from Yale School of Medicine.

Henry is also an active community leader and activist, serving on the boards of directors for both Lasalle Park Neighborhood Association and South Bend-Lasalle Park IDAAC as well as running for Mayor in South Bend.

Achievement and Honors

Henry was famous for his numerous love affairs, earning him the moniker “le vert galant”. Additionally, Henry was an active patron of the arts; his philanthropy included building the Louvre as well as funding its construction along with that of Paris’ first modern opera house.

Henry is an exceptional leader and advocate for community involvement, serving as President of both Lasalle Park Neighbored Alliance (South Bend-IDAAC) and Volkskring Flemish American Club in addition to his service on South Bend Community School Corporation Board and graduation from Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame.

He is an avid supporter of Nascar racing and avid reader of the South Bend Tribune. In addition, he holds memberships in both Moose Lodge and American Legion; precinct committee chairmanship and state delegacy positions within Saint Joseph County are some of his activities.

Personal Life

Henry hails from South Bend and graduated from Lasalle Community School Corporation before going on to earn a Bachelors degree from Earlham College. Additionally, Henry has served in a number of capacities within his community such as President of Lasalle Park Neighbored Alliance and Precinct Committee Chairman for City of South Bend-IDAAC.

He can often be found attending local fairs and has become known as “King of the Road”.

He currently sits on the board for The Arts Council of St. Joseph County and has an avid passion for music – having played in multiple bands throughout his life – running, cycling and spending time with Emily and their daughters, in addition to being an active member of United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Net Worth

Henry’s net worth has been estimated by various sources at roughly $65 Million. He makes a considerable sum from his football career and endorsement deals, and owns multiple luxury vehicles and properties.

Henry is an active community member and engaged in charitable works. He serves as president of the South Bend-Lasalle Park Neighborhood Alliance as well as precinct committee chairman in Saint Joseph County and is an ardent fan of both Royals and Chiefs baseball teams.

As part of his marriage to Lucy A Classey and with two children from their union, he enjoys sports, travel and collecting hats as hobbies. An avid reader who appreciates nature. Also an experienced chef with extensive grilling knowledge. Finally he likes watching movies and TV series.

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